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Give someone a card to spend on your behalf

What is a Connected card?

If someone’s spending on your behalf at the moment, the Starling Connected card could make life a little easier for everyone.

From friends and family to a neighbour or childminder, it’s an additional debit card you can give to anyone you trust, so they can buy whatever you need; no cash, contact, IOUs or fiddly bank details. The money comes out of a designated Space you’ll set in the app (rather than your main account) and it’s capped at £200, so you’re always in control.

Connected cards app interface

Why it’s helpful

  • Easier spending.
    No more worrying about paying someone back or giving them your bank details.
  • You’re in control.
    Balance running low? Top up your Connected card whenever you want by adding money to your designated Connected space in app.
  • Share your account.
    Give someone a Connected card and they’ll be able to buy the things you need on your behalf.
  • But don’t share everything.
    The other person won’t be able to access your whole account, check the balance, access the app, withdraw at an ATM or shop online. They’ll just be able to spend from one Space of your choosing.

Who can you connect with?

Some situations call for a joint bank account, but others don’t – and that’s where our Connected card comes in. It’s especially useful for:

  • Carers or childcare workers.
    Who might need to shop on your behalf.
  • NHS accredited volunteers.
    For medical supplies or prescriptions.
  • Anyone you trust.
    Get help with essentials from friends and family.

How does it work?

It’s in the name! The Connected card is connected to your Starling account, or more specifically, a Connected Space in the app that you’ve put money aside in. Once you’ve ordered and activated the card, just pass it over to someone else and they’ll be able to start using it to shop for you (but only with money you’ve designated for it, and up to £200). Plus for extra peace o