Nearby Payments

What is Nearby Payments?

Send money to other nearby Starling customers whilst sitting in a restaurant, bar or wherever you are, without needing their sort code and account number. It’s payments, made easier.

  • No phone number needed.
    You don’t even need someone’s phone number to send or receive money with Nearby Payments. Just open the app and locate them over Bluetooth.
  • It’s secure.
    Nearby Payments is powered by Google Nearby, and your identity is protected at all times.
Two iPhone screens showing selecting a payee to send a Nearby Payment to.

How it works

Just go to the Pay section of your Starling app and click Nearby Payments. You’ll see the other Starling Bank users nearby and can simply select the one you want.

Two iPhone screens showing sending money via Nearby Payments.

Where to find it

Go to the Payments section of your app, and tap Nearby Payments.

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