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Spending Insights

What is Spending Insights?

Ever wondered much you actually spend on morning coffees? Spending Insights breaks your outgoings down by category (groceries, holidays, transport) or merchant (Boots, Amazon, Tesco) so you can get a totally clear picture of where your money really goes each month. We believe understanding how you spend is the first step to financial freedom, and as our customers will testify – Spending Insights will help you get there.


Spending Insights gives you a sneak peek into the inner workings of your own financial life.

How it works

Just toggle between category or merchant to view either, or tap on individual transactions to view their specific details or split bills retroactively.

You can even scroll back to previous months if you feel like comparing month-on-month.

Where to find it

Just tap ’Spending’ at the bottom of the homepage or in the menu on Android and you’re there!

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