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Split the Bill

What is Split the Bill?

The Starling bill split function is an in-app feature which makes requesting money easier and faster. You don’t have to calculate what you are owed on the spot because the Starling app does it for you!


An easier way to settle. No more wrangling over the bill. With Split the Bill, you can work out who owes what and send out IOUs in just a few taps.

How it works

First, you’ll need to activate your personal Settle Up link. Head to the Pay section of your app and select Settle Up.

Next, from the Pay section, locate the transaction and add the number of ways you want to split it.

Then, just send out your IOUs. Recipients will be taken to a secure web page to pay you back – or they can do it directly from the app if they're with Starling.

Three iPhone screens showing the split the bill process