Tax Estimation Tool

What is it?

Designed specifically for sole traders, the tax estimation tool gives you a profit and loss statement based on the transactions in your Starling business account. What’s more, you’ll also see an estimation of your tax liability for the self-employment part of your self-assessment tax return. And to make sure you’re ready when the time comes, you can create a Savings Goal to set aside money for your tax bill in a matter of clicks.

Make tax less taxing

Be in the know with tax using our Toolkit:

  • Understand your P&L.
    See a detailed profit and loss statement.
  • The full breakdown.
    Get insight into your tax liability, which includes Income Tax, National Insurance and Student Loan repayments.
  • Plan ahead and save.
    See how much your tax bill will cost and use Goals to save up towards it.

How it works

Start by making sure we have the correct information about you - including your tax region, any student loan plans, and national insurance details. All looks good? Then you can use the Tax tool to see a profit and loss statement (based on transactions in your Starling account and any that you’ve manually added in the Bookkeeping section), with an expenditure breakdown that maps directly to the SA103F form (the self-employed part of your Self-Assessment Tax return). The allowable income or expenditure is automatically set based on the business spending category assigned to a transaction - you can change the category and the allowable tax amount for a transaction in the Bookkeeping section, which all feeds into the Tax tool. You can also view estimates of your tax liability and save up towards it using Goals.

Where to find it

Once you’ve subscribed to the Toolkit in your mobile app, log in to online banking on your desktop. You’ll see a tab on the left side of the window. From there, click ‘Tax’.

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Want to know more?

Check out the FAQs for our tax estimation tool, or discover all of the additional great features of our Business Toolkit.

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