In business, it pays to be joined up. That’s the idea behind Starling’s Business Marketplace. Flexible integrations that link your Starling app to a range of smart products. From accountancy software to legal support and insurance – we’ve selected services that can help your business thrive. Connect them to your Starling account to save time on admin and enjoy a more seamless banking experience, all from one app.

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Business integrations currently available

How our integrations work

Tailored to your business

We’ve developed smart integrations with various services that can help you manage your business. But we want to let you select the integrations that are just right for you. And if your business needs change, your integrations can too – add or remove them at any time.

Open banking

To get technical for a second, Starling’s Marketplace is made possible by Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. These let you share your data securely with trusted providers and in real time, allowing you to move between applications more seamlessly and your banking to remain in sync with the rest of your business tools.

Get more from your banking app

From never having to manually export and upload a bank statement to your accounting software again, to keeping track of your insurance renewal dates from your bank account, Marketplace integrations allow you to do more with your Starling app.


All Marketplace providers are vetted and they can only access the personal information and transaction data you consent to sharing. So you’re always in control and can withdraw permission at any time.

The Starling Promise

We don’t have any hidden mark-ups in the Business Marketplace, so you pay the same as you would by going direct to our partners. It’s what we call the Starling Promise.


”Love how good the integration from Starling to Xero is, less time messing around with accounting, more time doing software development”

Mark Morgan, Starling Business Customer