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Choose from a range of smart integrations that allow you to connect your Starling app with all your favourite products and services, from your accountancy software to your payments platform.

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Share all your banking data with your accounting software, automatically and in real time.

  • Automated: transactions on your Starling account are shared in real time with your accounting software, saving you time on bookkeeping and reducing the chance of any errors.
  • No fees: If you’re signed up to Xero, QuickBooks or FreeAgent, you can access them from Starling’s fee-free business bank account.

Starling currently supports integrations with Xero, QuickBooks and FreeAgent.

If you don’t see your accounting software provider in our Starling Marketplace (e.g. Clear Books, Crunch, KashFlow etc), there’s a good chance you can still sync your Starling account via their platform as they may have have built a connection to us directly.


Link your Starling app to leading point-of-sale platforms Zettle and SumUp. You can receive detailed summaries on all your incoming payouts, including transactions, fees and VAT.

Get the benefits of linking your banking with your payments

  • Insightful: get richer data on your payouts and track high-level performance data.
  • Seamless: easily navigate between accounts.

Extra features with Zettle

If you have a Toolkit subscription and you use Zettle you can enjoy extra features.

  • Automated: all your Zettle transaction activity is automatically recorded in the Toolkit at the end of each day to simplify your bookkeeping.
  • Tax smart: we’ll automatically categorise all your transactions for tax purposes, and we’ll capture VAT too.


Keep track of your financial comings and goings and get team members involved using the Slack integration.

  • Instant notifications: receive real-time notifications to your Slack workspace whenever money comes in or out.
  • Collaboration: add team members (e.g. your finance manager) to the channel, so everyone can keep track of expenses.

If you manage your Bookkeeping with our Business Toolkit, you can seamlessly send invoices from your Starling account, by connecting to your Gmail or Microsoft Outlook email.

Business integrations currently available

How our integrations work

Tailored to your business

As no two businesses are the same, we’ve curated a wide range of integrations, so you can select the ones that are just right for you.

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Our integrations are made possible by Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These let you share your data securely with trusted providers in real time.

Get more from your banking app

Use your Starling account for more than just banking. From never having to manually upload bank statements again, to keeping track of your insurance renewal dates.


All providers listed in the Marketplace are vetted and they can only access the personal information and transaction data you consent to sharing.

The Starling Promise

We don’t have any hidden markups, so you’ll pay the same as you would by going direct to the provider. It’s what we call the Starling Promise.

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