In business, it pays to be joined up. That’s the idea behind the Starling Business Marketplace. Smart and flexible products and services that help you run your business on the go – all from your banking app. Accountancy software, credit facilities, insurance – we’ve hand-picked products to help your business thrive. And keep checking back, because we’re always introducing new third-party products from across the industry.

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Cut down on admin

Streamline your business finances with online accountancy partners Xero, FreeAgent and QuickBooks. Through the Starling Business Marketplace, your accounting software stays in sync with your spending, keeping everything up-to-date and avoiding the annual tax return panic.

Lending a hand

Need a little extra cash to cover the bills or purchase new stock? With Starling Marketplace partners such as Growth Street you can get access to flexible credit to help give your business a boost.

Get insured

Running a business is full of surprises, so make sure you’re equipped to take them on. Professional indemnity, employers liability and invoice insurance are just some of the plans available from our insurance partners Anorak and Digital Risks.

Reward yourself

Receipts pile up, store cards disappear. But with our partners such as Flux and Tail, you can track receipts, collect points and even access rewards and cashback offers from retailers and restaurants to impress clients.

Stay safe

Whether it’s your mobile devices or your customer data, cyber crime is a growing threat to business. But with our Marketplace partner CyberSmart, you can keep your data and infrastructure safe and secure while complying with recognised standards – GDPR, we’re looking at you.

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How it works

Tailored to your business

Wherever you are on your business journey, the Starling Business Marketplace has products to help you grow. You can add or remove products easily, so if your business needs change, your Marketplace can too.

Open banking

To get technical for a second, the Starling Business Marketplace is made possible by Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. These let you share your data securely with trusted providers and in real-time, allowing you to move between applications more seamlessly.

Save time

Because we already have your business details, we can often fill in sections of the application forms for you – so you don’t need to enter all your information by hand. And because we use industry leading APIs our connections with these third party products are more secure.


All our partners have been thoroughly vetted and they can only access the personal information and transactions you consent to. So you’re always in control and can withdraw permission at any time.

The Starling Promise

We don’t have any hidden mark-ups in the Business Marketplace, so you pay the same as you would by going direct to our partners. It’s what we call the Starling Promise.


”Love how good the integration from Starling to Xero is, less time messing around with accounting, more time doing software development”

Mark Morgan, Starling Business Customer

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