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Refer a friend to Starling, and we’ll plant a tree.

Starling trees

There’s no better endorsement of Starling than a recommendation between friends.

So when you plant the seed by referring a friend – and they open an account – we’ll plant one to grow a tree, as a thank you. It’s just one of the ways we’re building a bank that doesn’t cost the Earth.

So far you’ve helped us plant 80,000 trees and counting, thank you!

Ready to get planting?

To make sure the referral is counted and your tree gets planted, you will need to:

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A greener shade of teal

At Starling, we’re on a lifelong mission to change banking for good. We’re determined to do things differently, which means treating people honestly and fairly, and disrupting the banking world – not the planet.

Starling is branchless and paperless, plus we’re run on 100% renewable energy and never invest in fossil fuel companies, so we’re already greener than your average bank. But we’re not your average bank, so as we grow, we’re committed to making sure our environmental efforts grow with us. This is just the start of our journey.

Cue Plant the Seed, a referral scheme in partnership with Trillion Trees, a joint venture for forest protection and restoration made up of BirdLife International, Wildlife Conservation Society and WWF. Every time you refer a friend to Starling – and they join us by opening an account – Trillion Trees will plant a tree and make the world a greener place on your behalf.

Why trees?

Trees are one of our best defences in the fight against climate change, because they absorb the carbon dioxide that causes climate change.

Which means planting more of them is vital. It’s one of the most effective ways to reverse the damage done by fossil fuel burning and deforestation; in fact, forests and land use change could provide a third of the solutions we need.

That’s huge. That’s hopeful. And best of all, it’s a practical solution that makes a tangible difference. And everyone can do it.

Anne Boden

We know that many of our customers care deeply about the environment. Our partnership with Trillion Trees will enable us to make a permanent positive change to the planet which aligns perfectly with our desire to grow sustainably.

Anne Boden, CEO of Starling

Why recommend Starling?

  • 100% digital banking, with an intuitive app stacked with tools that make money management fast, easy and seamless.
  • Voted Britain’s Best Current Account Provider 2022 at the British Bank Awards.
  • 24/7 in-app customer support from real humans.
  • Instant payment alerts, spending insights and visual saving tools – plus 24/7 in-app support from real humans.
  • No monthly fees for both personal and business banking.

Ready to get planting?

New customer? If you know someone who banks with Starling, ask them to refer you. If not, don’t worry: you can still apply for a Starling account, but we won’t be able to plant a tree for you.

Apply for a Starling bank account today and enjoy app-based banking at its best.

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Existing customer? In the app, go to your account screen and tap ‘Refer a Friend’.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What counts as a successful referral?
    When your friend opens their first account with us we’ll consider it a successful referral. They must enter their details using your unique referral link in order for us to know you referred them. Any account is eligible, whether it’s for personal or business use. To be eligible, your friend can’t already be a Starling customer.

  • How do I know if a friend signed up?
    When someone opens their first account using your referral link, you’ll see a new tree icon in the app representing the referral.

  • What will I get for referring a new customer?
    For each successful referral, we’ll make a donation to Trillion Trees - a joint venture between BirdLife International, Wildlife Conservation Society and WWF - for a tree to be planted on your behalf.

Head over to our FAQs to find out more.

Something to note: if you refer someone who already banks with Starling, we won’t be able to plant a tree for you. This scheme applies to new customers only.

Terms and Conditions

Starling Bank will make a donation to WWF-UK, a registered charity with charity registration number 1081247 in England and Wales and SC039593 in Scotland, of £3 for each bank account, which is successfully opened with Starling Bank as a result of a referral under this scheme.