Earn 2.50% interest on your business savings

Future-proof those future plans. Open a 1-Year Business Fixed Saver in a few seconds from the app, and earn a fixed rate of 2.50% AER/gross interest.

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Fixed term savings that mean business

Open a Business Fixed Saver from the app or Online Bank in seconds, and deposit any amount from £2,000 to £1,000,000.

Smooth any storms, save for long-term projects such as new equipment or offices, and get a guaranteed return of 2.50% when your money matures in 12 months time.

A Fixed Saver is managed from the Spaces section of the app, but remember: you won’t be able to access your money for one year.

A guaranteed return on your business savings

  • Easy. Already a Starling business customer? Open a Fixed Saver in a few taps, from the Spaces tab of your app: no long application forms, no hassle. Not a customer yet?

  • Secure. Fix a rate of 2.50% interest, and know exactly how much you’ll save by this time next year. With Starling, your money is covered to £85,000 by the FSCS across all accounts.

  • Tidy. No more juggling multiple bank accounts. Fixed Savers, Saving Spaces, your day-to-day spending and more: it’s all managed from one seamless app.

Good to know: you can’t top a Fixed Saver up once it’s been opened, but you can have multiple Fixed Savers at once. There’s a minimum deposit of £2,000 for each one.

Your money will be locked away for a year, and you won’t be able to access it. Make sure you’re covered for unexpected circumstances by keeping some money aside with easy access in regular Saving Spaces.

It only takes a moment to start saving

Business customer already? Open a Fixed Saver from your app in minutes.

Read terms and conditions.
Read key information in our summary box.

Step 1

Head to Spaces in your business account, then choose Fixed Saver from the list of Space types. You may need to tap Show Options at the top to see them.

Step 2

Choose how much to put aside. We’ll transfer the money from your main balance. The minimum deposit per Fixed Saver is £2,000, and the maximum is £1,000,000.

Step 3

Remember, your money is locked away for a year, and you won’t be able to access it. Ready? Just tap to confirm. It’s that easy!

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New to Starling? You’ll need our award-winning business account to open a Fixed Saver. It only takes about 10 minutes to apply, and it’s done entirely from your phone. Read eligibility criteria for business accounts.

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How much will my company earn with a Business Fixed Saver?

Value after one yearInterest earnedInterest rate (AER)
£2,050.00 £50.00 2.50%

Fixed Gross/Annual Equivalent Rate (AER): 2.50%
These calculations are for illustrative purposes only. Terms and conditions apply.

Summary box

  • Account name

    1-Year Business Fixed Saver

  • What is the interest rate?

    Gross/Annual Equivalent Rate (AER): 2.50%

    The Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) shows how much interest the company will earn after a whole year.

    We pay 'gross' interest, which means we don’t deduct any tax your company might owe. Please note, you may need to declare the interest you earn on this product in your company’s tax return, depending on the particular circumstance of your business.

    Interest is calculated every day, and paid at the end of the term.

  • Can Starling change the interest rate?

    No, the interest rate will stay the same for the full 1-year term.

  • What would the estimated balance be after 1 year based on a £2,000 deposit?

    Interest rate (AER): 2.50%

    Balance after one year: £2,050.00

  • How do I open and manage my account?

    To open a 1-Year Business Fixed Saver, your company will need to have a Starling business current account.

    The company will also need to pay in at least £2,000 and can only hold up to £1,000,000 across all the Fixed Savers it may have.

    You can open and manage the Fixed Saver in Online Banking or the Starling app.

  • Can I withdraw or add money?

    No, you can’t move your money until the end of the 1-year term.

    We’ll contact you before your fixed term ends to find out what you’d like to do next.

  • Additional information

    You can cancel your Fixed Saver within the first 14 days of opening it and we’ll return the company’s money without interest.

Apply for a Starling business account today and open a Fixed Saver in-app.

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