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Join over 450,000 businesses banking with Starling

Running your own business is full of ups, downs and occasional surprises, and not all banks understand that – but we do. Starling’s business account has no monthly fee, is flexible and is designed to make life easier. Switch today with the Current Account Switch Service.

Why switch your business bank account to Starling?

  • It’s free. Our business bank account comes with no monthly fees or UK payment charges so you could save money on your business banking. Find out how we stack up against other business accounts.

  • It’s easy. Our application is fully digital via our mobile app and once you’re verified, requesting to switch only takes a few minutes - so why not give it a go?

  • The best of British. You’re in good company. Join over 300,000 British businesses, and 150,000 sole traders already banking with us.

  • It’s seamless. We’ll do the legwork of moving outgoing payments, payees you’ve set up, Direct Debits and standing orders. Also, if anybody pays money into your old account it will automatically be redirected to your Starling account.

  • All your business finances in one place. By switching to Starling, you’ll be able to understand and manage your business finances, all from one app.

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Switch to Starling for better business banking

Already have a business account? Here’s how to switch...

  • In the app, tap the menu icon to bring up the account menu

  • Select switch to Starling

  • Enter your old account details

  • Select the date of your switch

  • Confirm your details

That’s it! We’ll handle the rest.

For multi-owner accounts, one user will need to initiate the switch from the app. All directors with access to the app will then need to approve the request (we’ll send them a notification explaining this).

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Don’t have a business account with us yet?

Download the app and apply for an account in minutes. Once you’ve been verified, follow the steps above to start the switch to Starling.

Please note: we do not support partial account switching.

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Here’s what happens when you switch business bank accounts

The whole process is quick, safe and guaranteed.

Banking that means business.

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Thousands of business owners have gone full Starling

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Apply for a business account. Then, start the switch from within the app.

Start your application

If you have given permissions to Third Party Providers to make payments on your behalf, or to access your financial data, access to these services won’t be transferred automatically to your new account as part of the Current Account Switch Service.

1. Before you close your old account, check whether you have any Third Party Provider permissions set up and if so, who with.

2. Once your new account is open you can give your permission to the Third Party Provider to access your new account by providing them with your new account details. You will need to contact the Third Party Provider directly yourself to set this up.

3. If you are unsure as to whether your New Bank will support the Third Party Provider permissions on your account, you will need to discuss this ahead of your switch with your New Provider who will be able to advise you of this.

Please check your new provider’s terms and conditions for more information about Third Party Providers.