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Set your own contactless payment limit

Take control of the tap.

Set your own contactless payment limit in-app with our flexible slider. Capped at £100 across the UK, Starling customers can lower the amount for each card, or turn contactless off.


  • Find what feels right for you. By turning off contactless payments or limiting the amount, having the choice puts your mind at ease. Feel in control, ready for whatever is around the corner.
  • Know your limits. We’re aware that cards serve different purposes, so we’ve made sure that you can set different limits on each personal, joint or business card individually. The same goes for Spaces – whether that’s your Kite card or your Connected card. Use the account switcher toggle in-app and follow the instructions below.
  • Change it up, anytime. Nothing is forever, and we understand that – so you can adjust the limits in increments of £10 with our flexible slider, right down to zero, whenever you like.


  • For any payments over £100, you’ll be asked to enter your PIN. No brainer. But keep an eye on your small payments as you go – the total contactless spend is £300. After that, you’ll need to enter your PIN.

  • Your chosen contactless limit will also apply overseas, in line with the exchange rate. If you haven’t reduced your limit down from £100, the country’s own limit will apply. It’s different for each country, so it’s worth checking that out before you zip off.

  • Nothing will change to payments made through mobile wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, which use Face ID, fingerprint ID or a passcode. Business as usual there.

How it works and where to find it

Head to your app and tap ‘Card’, then ‘Card and Payment Limits’, followed by ‘Maximum Contactless Payment Limit’.

To adjust the contactless payment limit for a Kite card for kids or Connected card, go to the ‘Spaces’ section of the app, tap the Space connected to your Kite Card or Connected Card and click ‘Manage Space’, followed by ‘Contactless Limit’.

You can then play with your slider, moving up and down until you’ve found the amount that feels right.

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