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Payments, revolutionised

Starling Banking Services is levelling the playing field in financial services. With our game-changing technology, we help banks, fintechs and corporates unlock real-time payments through beautifully simple APIs.

Build the future of financial services


Plug into major payment rails including Faster Payments and Bacs through our PSD2-compliant RESTful APIs.
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Explore our suite of real and virtual accounts. Open accounts in seconds from your own addressable sort code for safeguarding client funds and frictionless reconciliation.
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Banking as a Service

Offer FSCS-protected accounts to your customers, allowing them to hold, send and receive funds with anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) as standard.
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Who’s Eligible?

Our wholesale payments and accounts services are available to regulated Payment Service Providers.

Examples include: banks, payroll and card payments providers

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Reasons to partner with Starling

Banking pedigree

We are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. We process more than 10 million transactions every month for our customers.


Simple and consistent pricing structure, with flexible contracts to facilitate access for new market entrants.

Get to market, fast

Our infrastructure removes the friction of legacy systems, dramatically reducing time to market while delivering a plug-in solution that is scalable as your business grows - no limitations.

Simple, seamless & secure

Built on best-in-class RESTful APIs, our payment services provide a simple, secure and seamless way to deliver reliable, real-time payment processing to your customers.

Compliance, check

Spare yourself the regulatory hurdles and costs involved in accessing schemes. We take care of this for you, reducing your compliance overheads and protecting you from future changes in payment regulation and infrastructure.

Focus on your business

Plug-in to Starling’s next-gen banking infrastructure, freeing your business up to focus on your user interface, customer experience, PR and marketing.

Join the payments revolution

How we do it

The security of a bank, the agility of a fintech

Starling Banking Services is rewriting the playbook for payment clearing and cash management. Built on top of the next-generation infrastructure of the UK’s first mobile bank, we balance the trust and payments expertise of a fully-licensed bank with the innovative drive of a fintech, allowing fast access to payment schemes and account services through a beautifully simple API.

No legacy, no limits

Starling Bank was the first bank in the UK to offer access to Faster Payments through APIs. We’re inspired by the potential for technology to transform banking and now we’re levelling the playing field for financial services – providing more affordable and innovative solutions that meet the challenges faced by today’s organisations.


Built on legacy infrastructure, traditional banks have stifled payments innovation. Starling is a different kind of bank. We’re built in the cloud with RESTful open APIs that can be integrated into any existing platform or used to build new products and services while ensuring you remain compliant with PSD2 and the most recent data privacy standards.

No middleman

Technology providers that aren’t banks have to rely on banks to hold money and carry out daily settlement of transactions. By using our API, you’re cutting out the middleman and pricing that has layers of margin. One simple solution, with one banking provider – for all of your banking needs.

Who we work with

Starling Banking Services is trusted by a variety of market players including top-tier banks, public sector organisations, corporates and fintechs, all requiring a speedy, seamless and secure solution to move money in real-time.


One of the biggest benefits that Vitesse has seen working with Starling is just great technology and a team that really worked with us to understand and implement in the right way. We would have no hesitation recommending Starling to other partners out there”
Phillip McGriskin, CEO, Vitesse PSP

Live sandbox

Our sandbox gives you the chance to thoroughly test your application against our API in a replica of the scheme’s environments, giving you that extra level of confidence around your payment processing before you go live. Within the sandbox interface you can create account holders for your application, simulate transactions, make API calls and see the JSON responses, all to help you better understand how our API functions.

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