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Business Spending Insights

What is Spending Insights?

When you run a business, there are all kinds of things to pay for – and keeping track of them can be a whole other job in itself. With Spending Insights, Starling does all the admin for you; see what you’ve spent, where you’ve spent it and maybe even where you could cut back.


Get a handle on your business outgoings. You can:

  • Get a full breakdown.
    We’ll show you which companies you spend the most with and how your outgoings compare month-to-month.
  • Keep receipts.
    Upload written notes and photo receipts to transactions – which makes life easier when it comes to logging your expenses.
  • Organise your outgoings.
    With our helpful spending categories – like ‘Marketing’ and ‘Self-Assessment Tax’ – it’s easy to see where your money’s going.

How it works

Just toggle between category or merchant to view either. To see more detailed information about an individual transaction, just tap on it. You can also use Spending Insights to split bills retroactively.

Spending Insights shouldn’t be used as an accounting tool. To help you stay on top of tax, invoices and bills, try Toolkit!

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