Getting in food and other essential supplies is a big challenge for everyone who is self-isolating. That’s why Starling has developed a new feature to help customers relying on friends, neighbours and community volunteers to get their shopping for them.

From today, Starling personal account customers who need this support will be able to request a second card connected to their account via the Spaces section of the app. The Connected card is a debit card that can be given to someone you trust so they can buy groceries and other essentials for you.

Please make sure you only give your card to people you trust. By handing over the card and PIN, you are authorising the spend of the funds you added.

Caring for others

With a Starling Connected card, money can be spent on your behalf without the need to exchange cash or bank details. The Connected card has a separate PIN and can be used for contactless payments.

Here are some examples of who could benefit from a Connected card:

  • People who are self-isolating and need help with buying essentials
  • Trusted childminders, carers, cleaners, and helpers who need to buy essential supplies on your behalf

Setting up your Starling Connected card

To apply for a Connected card, you’ll need to have a Starling personal account. You can apply for a Starling account by downloading the app and following our quick and easy application process - it only takes a few minutes.

Once your personal account is open, head to the Spaces section of the Starling app to apply for a Connected card. For iPhones, this screen is found on the far right of the menu that runs along the bottom of the app. For Android users, click ’Spaces’ in your Starling menu.

To set up a Space, tap ‘New Space’ then ‘Connected card Space’ and select a purpose for your Connected card: shopping, carer or childcare. Set up a PIN (separate to your own PIN) and then your card should arrive within 5-7 working days. It will specify the named purpose of your Space on the back of the card. If it hasn’t arrived after five days, get in touch with Customer Service, available 24/7. Deliveries may take slightly longer at the moment because of postal restrictions.


To keep your account secure, your Connected card will be sent to your home address and you’ll need to activate it by entering the CVV of the new card before it can be used.

Other security measures, designed to give you peace of mind include a:

  • Separate physical card and PIN
  • Spend limit of £200 - the Connected card is linked to a Space which can hold a maximum of £200 at any one time
  • Restriction to physical shops - the Connected card won’t work if it’s used for online payments, payments over the phone, ATM withdrawals, digital wallets or transactions at gambling merchants

Other ways to settle up with Starling

Our Connected card adds to a number of other features we’ve designed to keep IOUs and splitting the bill simple.

  • Share button for British or International bank details, found under Account Information > Account Details
  • Settle Up: A secure link that can be sent to people with or without Starling accounts. Recipients can pay you back using their card or through their Starling account
  • Split the bill: Automatic calculations depending on how many people owe money. Find the transaction and click ’Split’ to select the number of people, then send everyone a Settle Up link
  • Nearby payments: Ability to make payments to other Starling customers who are nearby, for example if you’re living with family members who are also Starling customers

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