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All your bills in one place - Set money aside and budget more easily

Use Bills Manager to pay Direct Debits and standing orders straight from a separate Saving Space. Put aside already-committed money as soon as you’re paid, and get an accurate picture of what’s really available to spend.

Why Bills Manager is helpful

  • A clear picture.
    Phone bill on the 3rd, rent on the 9th, heating on the 23rd. Working out how much day-to-day spending money you have left can quickly get complicated. Put money for your bills aside all in one go, and get a clearer picture of your finances.
  • Easy budgeting.
    Know exactly how much money is available for day-to-day spending, and work out daily and weekly budgets with ease.
  • Automatic payments.
    Keep money for bills in a ring-fenced Saving Space, and we’ll pay them automatically on their scheduled date.
  • Peace of mind.
    Use an automatic transfer to set money aside on your payday, then relax. Consider those bills paid - you won’t need to remember their due dates, or shift money between accounts.

How it works

Bills Manager lets you pay Direct Debits and standing orders from a Saving Space. You can set a new Space up, or use one you have already. Once you’ve got a Space ready:

From the Spaces section of the app, tap the Saving Space you’d like to pay your bills from.

Tap ‘Manage Space’ and then ‘Pay Bills From This Space’.

Choose which Direct Debits and standing orders you want to pay from this Space. Different Spaces can pay different bills. If you don’t see the payment you’re looking for, check that it’s set up as a Direct Debit or standing order.

We’ll prompt you to set up an automatic transfer from your main balance to the Space, to cover the cost of the bills. It’s worth adding a little extra too, just in case any changes are made to a bill. We recommend setting the transfer up for your payday.

That’s it! We’ll pay the bills on their scheduled dates, and we’ll deduct the money from your chosen Saving Space.

Bills Manager FAQs

  • What happens if there’s no money in my chosen Space?

    Sometimes, there might not be enough money in your Space when a bill is due. When this happens, the payment will fail. We’ll notify you of the payment’s failure, and then continue to try and take the money until 4pm that day. After 4pm, the payment will be marked as declined.
  • How will I know my bills have been paid?

    As always, we’ll notify you when a payment is made. You can also see payments by navigating to the Space. Any payments will show under ‘Recent Transactions’.
  • What happens if I delete my Space?

    Any Direct Debits and standing orders will now be paid from your main balance - you won’t need to do anything. We’ll cancel any automatic transfers from your main balance to your Space. We’ll also add any money left in your Space to your main balance.

    You’ll still be able to view the transaction history of a deleted Space in a downloaded statement.
  • What if a Direct Debit is cancelled by the merchant?

    When a Direct Debit is cancelled, either by yourself or the merchant, the relevant payment won’t be made from your Space. It will no longer appear as an option when choosing which bills to pay either.

    Automatic transfers between your main balance and your Space will continue until cancelled.

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