Starling's Story

Anne Boden

“I had to do it”

Anne Boden has turned innovation into a habit when it comes to money. In her first banking role, she helped pioneer a new same-day payment service that transformed electronic money. 30 years later, that revolutionary spirit inspired Starling Bank as a way to put people back in control of their money.

Starting from scratch by putting the customer at the heart of the bank was – in Anne’s opinion – the only way for real change to happen. So that’s what she did; that’s how we came to be here.


Starling now has a talented team of technologists, artists, designers, bankers and marketers working to reimagine money, and make the best bank account for the smartphone-loving generation. The main focus is to help people to see their money clearly, budget easily, and save effectively toward their goals.

What matters to us

We want to give everyone the opportunity to have a healthy relationship with their money. Showing people their money clearly makes it easy to spend, budget and save, leaving people free to get on with the things that really matter to them such as finding their Yorkshire Terrier the perfect spring jacket or planning their next Instagram-worthy avocado dish.

Keeping it real

One card, one account, one app. Keeping on top of your money should really be that simple – and now it is.

The journey so far

An idea is born


Anne has a light-bulb moment, this time it’s in the form of Starling Bank - a digital-only current account for the people who live their lives on their mobile phone.

Starling is formed


Anne launches Bank Possible (renamed Starling Bank just a few months later).


Starling submits their banking licence application for approval to the Bank of England.

December 2015

Starling raises investment from Harald McPike, putting them on the next step to rethinking the UK banking market, to be announced the following month.

July 2016

Starling Bank gains its banking licence (with restrictions).

October 2016

First card used in Osprey Store. The purple handbag makes headlines.

January 2017

Starling Bank becomes the first of next-generation challenger banks to join the Faster Payments Service; becoming the 13th direct member of the scheme.

February 2017

We’ve got something exciting brewing here at Starling HQ, we’ll be making an announcement soon - hold onto your hacks!