A bank that’s 
in-sync with you

Putting you in control and empowering you to make better decisions about your money.

Who we are

Starling is a licensed bank that doesn’t really act like a bank at all. We believe money should work in sync with your life, work, and relationships. Our mission is to create a bank that guides and informs you towards better decisions. By giving you real-time insights, Starling enables you to understand your financial life in a whole new way.

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    We’re building a full-stack bank from scratch. Our systems are purpose-built for secure, real-time banking, unlike the traditional systems of the established banking world.

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    We’re using the latest in technology to create a bespoke experience, delivered through your mobile.

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    Focusing on a single current account product, every piece of information we gather can be used to give you the insight you need to make better decisions and get the most from your money.


Tony Ellingham

Tony Ellingham manages the bank’s financial operations and strategy in his role as Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for the overall financial management of the company, its treasury and reporting. Previously, Tony was at Lloyds Banking Group where he was Finance, Risk & Operations Director of Group Corporate Treasury and prior to that Divisional Risk Officer for Finance. He has held executive roles at EIIB, Gulf International Bank and Schroders. Tony joined Starling to lead a truly customer-centric approach to bank profitability. After all, it’s not every day you can set up a bank from scratch. If he wasn’t at Starling, Tony would probably be hitting the ski slopes or sailing the open seas.  


Scott Chow

As Chief Product Officer, Scott is responsible for developing Starling’s product strategy as well as leading the design and delivery of user experiences. Scott joins from PayPal where he led the product management team for Digital Goods. He brings a wealth of experience of product delivery, market segmentation and go to market. Scott joined Starling to make a meaningful impact on how consumers live their financial lives. He views Starling’s state of the art technology and the access to networks and services offered by its bank licence to be unique enablers for improving consumers’ financial lives. If he wasn’t working at Starling, Scott would probably be selling gourmet sandwiches out of a food truck or small cafe. Experiencing food and connecting with customers are his passions, so adding his point of view into how people experience eating is something he looks forward to pursuing someday.


Peter Rossiter

As Chief Risk Officer, Peter is responsible for the risk and compliance functions: managing risks which might impact business objectives and ensuring Starling meets its regulatory requirements. Peter has been a banker for most of his life, as was his father and many family members – it must be in the blood. He started at Citibank in Ireland and worked on assignments in markets including the Middle East, UK, Belgium, Turkey, Russia and Poland, before eventually moving back to Ireland where he was Chief Risk Officer of Allied Irish Bank in the aftermath of the banking crisis there. With so much experience of traditional banking, Peter was intrigued by Starling’s strategy to be a next generation fintech bank and provide customers with an insightful and modern way to manage their money. If Peter wasn’t working at Starling, he would probably be taking some time out with his wife and daughters.


Megan Caywood

Megan is Chief Platform Officer, leading its design, development and the API strategy. Prior to joining Starling, Megan worked in technology in San Francisco, heading up product development at Intuit and Xero, two of the world’s largest financial technology companies. Megan was working towards a PhD in cognitive science when she co-founded a technology business with a friend. She fell in love with building tech products and the creative, collaborative approach of a cross-functional team, so decided to pursue this at Intuit. Megan joined Starling because it has the tech, the vision and the world class team to do something truly notable – disrupt the banking industry in the fintech capital of the world, by building a full stack bank from scratch with the vision for the world’s best current account. If she wasn’t at Starling, Megan would be working on building her own fintech company.


Matt Newman

As General Counsel and Company Secretary, Matt is responsible for legal affairs, including overseeing, identifying and dealing with all legal issues which affect Starling. Matt has been a partner at three law firms, most recently Thomas Eggar, working in corporate law and acting for a number of financial services institutions. He joined Starling because he was interested in trying to do something that would change things. Anne Boden had been a client for many years and they had worked together on successful projects, so he thought he’d go “all in” with Starling to give himself a new challenge (plus his wife thought he’d be good as an in-house lawyer). If he wasn’t working at Starling, Matt would probably still be satisfying his obsession with detail as a lawyer somewhere, but he would love to be a golf course architect.


Julian Sawyer

As Chief Operating Officer, Julian oversees business operations, including payment systems, card operations, customer contact, human resources and supplier relationships. Julian worked as a management consultant at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and EY, specialising in large-scale transformation in the cards and payments industry. He set up his own financial services consultancy, Bluerock, which he ran for thirteen years before selling it in 2012. After many years as a consultant, joining Starling gave Julian the opportunity to put all his learnings into practice, to build a bank with an amazing team of true professionals. He enjoys working at a fintech business since he loves delivering things, making things happen and moving things forward at pace. If he wasn’t working at Starling, Julian would probably be enjoying some time in the house he has just built in Kent or spending a couple of months exploring New Zealand – the top destination on his bucket list.


John Mountain

As Acting Chief Information Officer, John is responsible for IT strategy and ensuring the technology platform delivers the retail banking product required by Starling and expected by the Regulator. After many years as a technical architect working for clients such as Lloyds and Bank of America, he became increasingly frustrated with the inefficiency and lack of commitment to improving technology at the traditional banks. John approached Starling in mid-2015 because he was excited about the opportunity for a banking start-up that is also a technology business throughout. Since he joined, he has designed a systems landscape for a retail bank from scratch and recruited a team to work across platform, infrastructure, security and mobile. If he wasn’t working at Starling, John would be sailing around the world (or at least to France) and probably trying to solve some software problems on the way.


Greg Hawkins

Chief Technology Officer. Leading on tech strategy, engineering and cloud, Greg joined Starling after years with McKinsey Digital Labs, Lloyds and CHP. He developed a vision of how banking technology could and should be done so much better. At Starling, Greg found the opportunity to build a bank from scratch and put his innovative ideas into practice. Greg has loved programming from the era of ZX Spectrums and BBC Micros, writing and sending in programs to computer magazines while at school in the 80s. He wants to build an organisation that can turn the cool ideas the engineers have into reality for customers in a matter of hours. If Greg wasn’t at Starling, he would probably be running his own cheese shop, somewhere with mountains.


Deborah Keay

Deborah is Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for brand, marketing and growth strategy. Her role is to ensure Starling engages and supports its customers, delivering on its promise to help people make the most of their money. With years of experience at digital agencies such as DigitasLBi, Deborah has worked extensively with global brands to develop and take to market innovative mobile solutions to everyday customer needs. A bit of a geek, she has also co-founded an Adtech start-up and mentored a number of tech start-ups working towards first round funding.  She loves the combination of marketing, technology and data that underpins successful, modern brands. She joined Starling to help transform people’s experience of their money, through an intelligent product that takes away some of the stress and empowers them to achieve their financial goals. If Deborah wasn’t working at Starling, she’d be making wine in the Veneto region of Italy or playing her saxophone in a jazz club (or ideally both).


Anne Boden

As CEO, Anne oversees the Executive Leadership Team and focuses its vision on building the best possible customer experience. She is also a member of Starling’s Board of Directors. After graduating in computer science and chemistry, Anne started her career at Lloyds Bank, where she helped architect CHAPS, the UK’s first real-time payments system. She worked at Standard Chartered and UBS, before becoming Head of EMEA, Global Transaction Banking across 34 countries for RBS and ABN AMRO. After the financial crisis, Anne spoke to people around the world about the changes in banking and technology. She joined Allied Irish Banks Plc as Chief Operating Officer to apply these learnings but was frustrated by the restrictions still imposed by outdated technology. Anne decided the only way to solve this was to build a bank from the ground up. This idea started becoming a reality in 2014 and Starling has grown from there. Anne’s vision for Starling is to build the best bank account in the world. Anne lives and breathes Starling, but if she had to do something very different it would be something entrepreneurial in the application of machine learning to fabric and fashion design.  

Our origins

The idea behind Starling was conceived by Anne Boden back in 2011. After a year spent travelling the world and seeing the latest developments in technology, Anne realised that the real-time customer experiences we are accustomed to in life, were missing when it came to banking. However, working within the systems of traditional banking, it was all but impossible to bring the same transformation to how people manage their money.

The answer was to start again, and build a bank from the ground up. Anne resigned from her full-time banking job, and started making Starling a reality in 2014.

Having assembled a team of engineers, artists and economists, the build of the bank is nearing completion, and we have now been awarded our banking licence.

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