Hello, we’re Starling.

Banking was broken – so we decided to fix it. The vision? Fast technology, fair service and honest values. All at the tap of a phone, all the time.

We built Britain’s first digital bank.

One hard-won banking licence later, we set about giving people a new way to spend, save and manage their money (and take better care of the planet, too).

We’re changing banking for good.

Back then, we were obsessed with unravelling the knotty world of finance and solving people’s problems rather than selling them stuff. We still are.

Since then, we’ve grown. A lot.

Over four million accounts (and four account types!). A team of thousands. Four offices in London, Cardiff, Southampton and Manchester. Still zero branches.

The road so far

Dream it. Build it. Repeat.

World-class banking, built from scratch in the UK.

The main event

Personal, business, joint and multi-currency accounts – plus banking for kids. All from a single, powerful app.

Engine™ by Starling

Software-as-a-service, the Starling way. Got a great product? Build it on our best-in-class banking technology.


Banking’s just the beginning. Browse for third-party insurance, pensions and accountancy tools in-app.

Fast. Fair. A joy to use.

From reimagining the banking stuff you know (hey there, revolutionary new ways to pay, save and spend) to inventing never-before-seen features (meet the Connected card) we ask what you actually need. Then build it, fast.

Meet the features

Fixing finance. Forever.

Changing financial culture means making money equal for everyone. We campaign against financial stereotypes in the media, talk about money in plain English and democratise financial education, so everyone’s included.

This way for #MakeMoneyEqual

Disrupting banking. Not the planet.

Climate change won’t wait. Neither will we. We believe in a sustainable future on a thriving planet.

Digital first banking. Paperless, branchless and run on renewable energy.

Launched the UK’s first Mastercard™ cards made from recycled plastic.

Hello, sustainable banking

Business as a force for good.

Fees? We prefer not to charge them, but if we do, we’ll tell you what they’re for, and how much, upfront. Our investments? Never in harmful industries. From policy to partnerships, we’re on a mission to make value-led banking the industry standard.

Show me responsible banking

We’re the only bank in British history that’s been founded by a woman. And it shows.


of our leadership team are women – as are 43% of our overall team.


years with the Women in Finance Charter, to improve banking’s gender balance.


year with Women in Tech, to get more women into engineering roles.

Our journey towards gender equality

What it’s like to work here.

Redesigning an industry starts from within. We give clever, curious people the chance to experiment and take risks (and don’t blame them if things don’t always go to plan!).

We take ownership, embrace different perspectives and treat each other with kindness and respect – even when we’re challenging each other.

This way for careers

Who owns Starling?

100% independent.

We’re not owned by any other bank. We’re part-owned by our founder Anne, employees and an employee benefits trust with investment from Harry McPike, a global private investor, Chrysalis Investments Ltd, Fidelity, Railpen, Qatar Investment Authority, Millennium Management and Goldman Sachs.

The team

We’re technologists, money experts, developers, designers, marketers, customer service experts and more – all working together to build the best bank in the world.

Is it a bird? Is it a bank?

The Starling bird is sociable, adaptable and supportive, working as a team to make something as complex as a murmuration feel beautifully simple. It’s also wildly successful, arriving in huge numbers in each new territory and displacing the old guard. See where we’re going with this?

Apply for a Starling bank account today and enjoy app-based banking at its best.

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