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This is the best place to find valuable information on everything from how to set up a business to going international and all the bits in between.

Articles written by bestselling business author Della Hudson.

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How our Business Toolkit can help

The Business Toolkit lets you upload bills as soon as you receive them and schedule payments to help you manage your cash flow.

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We’ll show you what admin needs to be done in a handy interactive to-do list. No more sleepless nights over bookkeeping.

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Create and send invoices directly from your desktop, and connect your online banking to your email.

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Record VAT on your transactions, which means less admin for you. Connect to HMRC and submit your returns through Making Tax Digital.

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Good news for sole traders: see an up-to-date estimate of the money you need to save aside for the self employment part of your tax return.

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The big plus for the Business Toolkit is that it does everything. The payments link up seamlessly and the automatic nature of it is great."

"I probably used to spend a day a month on bookkeeping. Now, it’s more like half a day - I photograph receipts as I go. The invoicing feature is also really helpful, it works really neatly.”

Becca Williams
Jewellery designer

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