When you run a small business, the journey to success is full of ups, downs and big decisions – and accountants are there through it all. Here at Starling, we recognise that – so we’ve built a referral partnership programme to help support you and your clients along the way.

Why should you partner with Starling Bank?

We’re not just here to support the businesses. We’re here to support you, too – as a Starling accountancy partner.

Benefits include:

Your own application partner link for your practice

Which makes the application process that much simpler.

Marketing pack

You’ll get introductory guides, images and videos for you to use on your website and share with your clients.

Dedicated partnership manager

You’ll have your own personal point of contact at Starling who will help support you and your clients’ needs.

Opportunity to collaborate

We’re open to being involved in planned events with your firm.

Team training

We’ll give you and your team an overview of our products and answer any questions you might have, to give you a full understanding of Starling Bank.

Recognised for:

What do you get with a Starling business account?

No appointments, no waiting around – just an application that takes minutes from your client’s mobile. If we’ve got all the information we need, we can open most accounts the same day.

Sharing the numbers is fast and seamless thanks to our integrations with Xero, QuickBooks and FreeAgent – which are all compatible with Making Tax Digital.

Access your business account on desktop or on your mobile.

Our business account has no monthly account fees and no charges on electronic payments, domestic transfers or ATM withdrawals.

Clients get real-time notifications whenever money enters or leaves their account, helping with their cash flow management.

If your client is awake, so are we. Our UK-based team are always on hand to help, any time.

Starling is a fully-licensed bank and member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which means your clients’ eligible deposits are protected up to £85,000

Your clients won’t have to switch to Starling straight away – they can try our business account out first. Once they’re sold on Starling, switching is easy; it takes just seven working days with the Current Account Switch Scheme.

Clients can categorise transactions and separate their overheads from tax and VAT with Spaces.

We’re integrated with leading accounting software

Read our blog to find out which other accounting tools integrate with Starling

Who are Starling Business Accounts for?

  • Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (including startups)
    An easy-to-use business account stacked with powerful money management tools. All with no monthly fees or UK payment charges.

  • Companies with multiple PSCs / Directors
    Your clients can easily add directors to the account (directors must be registered at Companies House).

  • Sole traders
    Whether your clients are self-employed or happily side-hustling, we’ve built an award-winning sole trader account to save time and money.

How to become a Starling accountancy partner?

If you’d like to speak to our Partnerships team and learn a bit more about the programme, please email us with your enquiry.

Join the hundreds of accountants and bookkeepers recommending Starling Bank

Our team is often asked how we compare to other challenger and high street banks. To make your life easier, we put together a comparison tool to help you decide! We’ve also been reviewed thousands of times on Trustpilot. Our customers think we’re “easily the best business bank account they’ve had”, “a refreshing experience”, and that we “make business banking easy”.

Our partnerships team are based across the UK:

  • Oli Krishnan - London
  • Jade Evans - Wales
  • Gurpreet Gill - Southampton

As a digital bank, we already have accounting and bookkeeping partners from tip to toe of the UK. We’re ready to provide support to you and your clients, wherever your practice is located.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I join the referral partnership scheme?

    Email us and one of our partnerships team will get in touch to arrange a call.

  • What is the criteria to join as a partner?

    An accounting or bookkeeping practice wishing to join our partnership programme will need to have a functioning website, and a qualification or practice licence with a leading accounting body.

  • My business offers financial services to other businesses, but we’re not an accountancy or bookkeeping practice. Can we still partner with Starling Bank?

    Our accounting partnership programme is currently only available to accounting and bookkeeping practices. However we're open to building relationships with other introducer channels. Send us an enquiry and we can schedule a call to discuss further. We now also partner with Lending Introducers - please send us an email for further information.

  • Are my clients eligible to open a business account with Starling Bank?

    Check our Business Current Account terms and conditions to see our up-to-date eligibility criteria.

  • Can a sole trader set up a business account with Starling Bank?

    Yes. When applying for the account we will need evidence of trading activity, and the sole trader can’t engage in any of the prohibited activities set out in the sole trader current account terms. Limited Companies are not eligible for this type of account.

  • Will my clients be able to move from another bank provider?

    Yes, Starling Bank is a member of the Current Account Switch Scheme, which means that once your client has set up their Starling account, they can seamlessly switch their banking to Starling.

  • How can my clients set up the integration with Xero/FreeAgent/Quickbooks?

    You’ll be able to find out more about our Xero, Quickbooks and Freeagent accounting integrations using the links provided. You can also find out more on our Business Marketplace integrations page.

  • As a partner, will I be allowed to use the Starling Bank logo on my website?

    Yes - any partner that qualifies to join our programme will receive a welcome pack, containing introductory guides, images and videos. This includes the Starling Bank logo, which you can display on a website and share with clients. Terms and conditions regarding the responsible use of these assets apply.

  • What kind of support can I expect as a partner?

    Our partners will get the full support of our partnership team, who are SME Specialists. We pride ourselves on working together to give quick responses to your questions, allowing you to help your client faster. On top of that, we offer opportunities to attend training events, share our marketing support and the added reassurance of a 24/7 Customer Support service for your clients.

  • Will I be able to open an account on behalf of my client?

    No, your client will still need to apply for their business account themselves, as we require all listed directors and appointed PSCs to complete their personal onboarding journey. However, you will be provided with a personalised application link for your practice, to send to your clients as an official partner. Our team can offer support to you to ensure the set-up process is as seamless as possible.

  • Will I need to refer a minimum number of clients to remain as a partner?

    We are open to working with practices of all shapes and sizes, from start-up sole practitioners to larger regional firms. There is no minimum number of client referrals required to remain as a member of our programme, but we are aiming to work with as many businesses as possible to help save you and your clients time.

  • Will I get rewards for referring clients to Starling Bank?

    We do not offer financial incentives for referring clients to Starling Bank; neither do we request exclusivity in this partnership programme. As we are a fully-licensed and ethical bank, our aim is to provide all businesses with the chance to have an award-winning Business Bank Account with a seamless onboarding experience, one that you’re proud to recommend.

  • Will I get access to my clients’ accounts?

    We can’t yet provide access to third parties (e.g. accountants) or other team members (e.g. finance teams or assistants). But our bank accounts do offer excellent integration with Xero, Quickbooks and FreeAgent.

How to become a Starling accountancy partner?

If you’d like to speak to our Partnerships team and learn a bit more about the programme, please email us with your enquiry.

Apply for a Starling bank account today and enjoy app-based banking at its best.

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