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What does the Bookkeeping feature do?

Say goodbye to shoeboxes full of receipts! Bookkeeping not only tells you what additional information you need to record on transactions, but it also helps you to record it more easily – in a matter of clicks. See which transactions have VAT details recorded (if you’re registered for VAT), and which ones have receipts or invoices attached to them from the app, so you can be confident you’re keeping all the records you need.

You can also view the business category assigned to a transaction (with tips to help you choose), as well as the allowable tax amount to help you understand your P&L. If you’ve made any transactions outside your Starling business account, you can add them as external transactions using the Bookkeeping tool. By keeping all your records in one place, you can get a complete picture of your business and even file VAT returns.

Benefits of Bookkeeping

The Bookkeeping feature makes recording all your business transactions easier, quicker and more transparent. Here’s how:

  • Easy access.
    Keep all of your records in one place - whether that’s invoices or receipts.
  • Your VAT, organised.
    Track information, categorise your spending and record VAT details.
  • Complete visibility.
    Get the complete picture of your bookkeeping with our Toolkit.

How it works

The Bookkeeping feature makes life easy once you know how it works – so, ears open. There are two main tabs in Bookkeeping. The first is ‘Incoming’ – for your revenue, refunds, loans, rebates and so on. Then there’s ‘Outgoing’, which includes things like expenses and tax payments.

If you see a purple exclamation mark next to a transaction, that means the Toolkit is suggesting a match between the payment you’ve received and an invoice you’ve sent. If you see a red symbol, it means you’re missing some information from the transaction. Maybe it’s VAT, a business category or evidence of a transaction.

Where to find it

Once you’ve subscribed to the Toolkit in your mobile app, log in to online banking on your desktop. You’ll see Bookkeeping in the menu on the left hand side.

Log in to online banking

The rundown

  • Starling transactions auto-sync with Bookkeeping
  • Automated ‘to-do’ lists to keep on top of your Bookkeeping
  • Add transactions from outside your Starling Account
  • Spending categories aligned to HMRC Tax categories
  • Adjust the allowable tax amount
  • Record VAT against transactions
  • Apply cross border VAT treatments
  • Attach receipts and invoices to transactions for good record keeping
  • Search and filter transactions based on source, category and date
  • Export your bookkeeping data
  • Bulk download receipts, invoices and attachments to transactions
  • Bulk upload external transactions

Want to know more?

Head on over to our Bookkeeping FAQs, or discover all of the additional great features of our Business Toolkit.

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