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Card security controls

What are Card Controls?

They’re clever features that protect your money and let you do security, your way. Think your card might be lost? Lock and unlock it instantly in the app. Want to disable contactless, chip and PIN or online payments? Block them with a tap.


  • Block online payments.
    Need to restrict online payments? This is your go-to guy. Bear in mind, it may not prevent existing online payments you have already authorised.
  • Disable contactless payments.
    Protect yourself from card fraud by disabling contactless payments.
  • Gambling block.
    In our commitment to financial wellbeing, you can block all card transactions to registered gambling merchants.
  • Extra safe login.
    You can log into the Starling app using fingerprint or facial recognition. It’s safer and quicker than typing in a passcode, so it’s worth setting up.

How it works

Go to Card Controls where you can toggle to allow or disable contactless and chip & pin payments, ATM withdrawals, online payments, mobile wallet, as well as freeze your card, or activate the gambling block.

Where to find it

In the app, go to the home screen and tap ‘Card’ at the bottom.

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