Got a good thing going with Europe? If you have financial commitments overseas, you can now hold, send and receive euros for free with a Starling euro account.

With just a tap, convert between pounds and euros in your personal account, at the real exchange rate. All we’ll add to the conversion is a 0.4% fee but until then, it’s totally free. No hidden commission, no sneaky extra charges.

Why it’s great

No account fees

It’s free to hold, send and receive euros with Starling, and there are no monthly fees.


Say au revoir to multiple apps. Switch between your pound and euro accounts and convert currency between them for a 0.4% fee, all in one app (great news for timing your payments for the best rate!)


Our euro account is a full current account with its own unique European IBAN – and you can rest easy knowing that your total Starling deposits are covered to £85,000 or equivalent by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

More than currency

As well as sending and receiving euro payments, you’ll also have access to lots of the app’s great money management features (like real-time payment notifications and Goals).

Who is it for?

Maybe you’re from Bristol but own a flat in Barcelona. You might have moved here from Madrid but send money back to mum. Whatever your situation looks like, the Starling euro account is great for...

  • Anyone who wants to hold euros in their bank account
  • Someone who gets paid in euros but is based here in the UK
  • People who need to send and receive euro payments
  • European expats who want to send money back home to friends and family
  • UK citizens who have property in Europe
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How do I get a euro account?

As long as you’ve got a Starling personal account, you can set up a euro bank account in app today.

Get the app