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Neatly sort your salary in a few taps

Split any incoming money across Spaces, Kite and other Starling accounts in one go.

What is Split Payment?

Split Payment allows you to spread incoming money across your different Saving Spaces and Starling accounts – such as your joint account, business account or kid’s Kite Space – in one go.

You can split as much or as little of the payment as you want, and you can choose to share a certain percentage, or a specific amount. Once you've split a payment, you won't be able to split it again (as the money will already have been moved around).

In the app, head to your feed and tap on any inbound transaction to split a payment.

Benefits of Split Payment

Location, location, location. Splitting your income across different Saving Spaces and accounts used to take a little while. Now you can share it across as many locations as you want, all from one screen, and all in rapid time.

Build good saving habits. It couldn’t be easier to set aside some money as soon as you receive it. You could start small by setting aside 5% or less, and build up from there – if you can.

Many happy VAT returns. You can split a payment by percentages – if you have a business account, you can quickly set 20% of it aside in a VAT Saving Space.

How to split a payment

Split Payment FAQs

  • Can I split any payment?

    You can split any payment into a GBP account, so long as you haven’t split it before.
  • Can I split the payment into any Space or account?

    You can split a payment into your:
    Saving Spaces
    Connected Card Space
    Kite Space
    Starling joint account
    Starling business account
    Any other Starling GBP account

    You aren’t able to split into an external bank account, or into your Starling euro or dollar account.
  • Do I have to split the entire payment?

    No, you can split as much or as little of the payment as you wish. Any money you choose not to split simply remains in your main balance.
  • Can I save the split, so that next time it happens automatically?

    At the moment, you can’t save a split. You’ll need to manually split the payment each time.

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