Every experience matters

From artisan coffee to weekend getaways, however you like to spend your money, our app will help you make better decisions so you can experience more of the things you love.
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Things look brighter

Whether you’re saving for a sunshine break or just want to feel more chilled about your money – our app can help you reach your goals.
Join our community.
Be one of the first in line for a Starling account.

Take total control of your money from your mobile


Manage your money with confidence

All you need from a current account with payments, transfers and borrowing.


Security in the palm of your hand

Keep your money protected wherever you go with intelligent, multi-layered security.


Perfectly in sync with your spending

Beautifully designed, real-time spend visualisation and predictive analytics.


For all corners of the globe

Make everyday spending simple with a contactless, globally-accepted debit card.

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