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A UK mobile only bank account built from scratch, for you. Download it today.


Welcome to Starling

We wanted to do banking better, so we built our own mobile only bank from scratch. From your thrice daily flat whites to your 50% off Sale splurge — our tools give you the clarity and control to run your account, your way.

Starling Pulse

Our Pulse takes the guess work out of your balance-check, if you’ve spent it; you’ll see it — in real time.

Real-time notifications

It's easy to keep track of where your money is going with real-time notifications straight to your mobile.

Starling Bank mobile app - Real time notification

Easy money management

We’ve packed a lot of handy features and tools into our app, putting you back in control of your money so you can run your account, the way you want to.

iPhone Gold

Starling is a full bank account complete with sort code and account number. You can pay people instantly, set up direct debits and standing orders, and you’ll get a globally-accepted Contactless Mastercard debit card too. Your money is protected up to £85,000 with the FSCS.

New features that make it easy to manage your money from your mobile:

  • Open an account in minutes all from your mobile

  • Advanced security features including biometric security

  • See your spending in real-time with the Pulse

  • Spending Insights breaks down your spending habits by category or merchant to help you make better decisions with your money.

  • Card control: lock card if you think it’s lost; unlock it if you find it

  • Manage your budget - control how much of your overdraft you use within an agreed limit (rates apply)

  • No charges when you use your card abroad

  • Zero monthly account fees

  • 24/7 In app customer support via: Live Chat, message and email

  • In-app account switching from the Current Account Switch Service (you don’t have to Switch to open a Starling account)

Travel the world with Starling Bank

Booked the trip? Map out your holiday spending with a travel debit card that goes the distance.

100% mobile only bank

Everything you need to open a Starling Bank account is on your mobile, so after a few minor checks, you can get going within minutes of downloading the app.

Safe, secure, protected

Security is our top priority, we make accessing your money and personal information easy for you, and only you. We’re a member of the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) so up to £85,000 is protected if your deposit is eligible.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what people have been saying about Starling recently.


This is a brilliant feature by @StarlingBank. Half the terror of temp losing card is knowing there's no going back after reporting it.


Works perfectly on my Pixel. The app is slick and allows me to see all my spending easily.


An absolutely first class account switching experience. 👍 great work again, everyone at @StarlingBank


Very impressed with onboarding journey from @StarlingBank - literally sorted my bank account whilst walking to the tube - ID and all! 🙌🏼


Welcome to the future of banking, great app simple to use have everything you need from a bank account. Pay now and less than a second later your transaction is there not days later. Can only get better.


Very impressed! - I have used the account for several weeks now and very impressed so far. The app is well designed and security conscious, customer service seems to be by far superior to most of the new Fintech start ups. I can see Starling replacing my current account shortly.