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Master your money with award-winning banking on your phone.
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Over 4.1 million bank accounts opened

3.25% Interest

Who says interest is just for savings?

Earn 3.25% AER* (3.19% gross) variable interest on personal and joint current account balances, up to £5,000 per account. That’s your day-to-day money earning interest, not just savings. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.

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*AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year. Gross is the contractual rate of interest payable before the deduction of income tax at the rate specified by law. See illustrative example.

Master your spending.

Never ask ‘where’s it all gone?’ again.
Get instant notifications whenever you spend or get paid. Dive into your spending habits, and decide where to cut back or keep going. You’re in control now.
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Relax about bills.

Always know exactly what’s coming up.
Put bills on autopilot, and pay them from a separate area of your app with Bills Manager. You’ll get a clear view of what’s left over for day-to-day spending.
Meet Bills Manager
A woman is holding a Starling Bank card
Bills Manager example

Lay out budgets beautifully.

Save for anything, and track progress effortlessly.
Saving Spaces are separate pots within your app. Add titles, images, and set a target. Or just set money aside for things like fuel, commuting or the big shop.

Have some savings already?

Make the most of it. Earn 4.48% AER/gross interest with a personal account Fixed Saver.

Split any bill with a quick tap.

And get paid back without the hassle.
Use Split the Bill to quickly work out anybody’s share of a payment. Then fire off a simple Settle Up link to friends, and get paid without swapping bank details.
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Never blow a budget again.

Spend directly from your Saving Spaces.
Create budgets in the app, then assign virtual debit cards to spend from them online and in-person. If the money runs out, your virtual card will decline.
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Pink-coloured virtual card example with Mastercard logo and a text 'Virtual' next to circle icon in the top right corner.

Spend fee-free on holiday.

Use your card abroad exactly like you do at home.
Unlike most banks, we have no foreign transaction or withdrawal fees, and we never mark up the exchange rate. Wherever Mastercard™ is accepted, we are too.
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Speak to us any time, anywhere.

Talk to our award-winning, UK-based teams 24/7.
Whether it’s the dead of night, or you’re on the other side of the world: if you need to speak to us, you can. And you’ll always get through to someone real.
Help, I’ve lost my bank card
Starling Bank
Okay, don’t worry.
You can ‘lock’ it in app with just a tap.
Oh, that’s a relief. Thanks!
Starling Bank is typing...

Industry-leading app security.

Your money is protected up to £85k by the FSCS.
We’re a digital bank, built from scratch with some of the world’s best banking security. Codes, face and fingerprint recognition are just a few of the ways we help to keep your money safe.
A phone in the hands with the homescreen of the Starling Bank mobile app

Everything you need.

  • FSCS protection up to £85k
  • 24/7 UK customer support
  • Instant card locking
  • Overdrafts (if eligible)
  • Fully regulated UK bank
  • Scan cheques in-app
  • Instant notifications
  • Use with mobile wallets
  • Cash deposits
  • Direct Debits
  • 100% digital sign up
  • No fees abroad
  • Split the bill with friends
  • Virtual cards
  • World-class security

Nothing you don’t.

  • No card-readers
  • No hidden fees
  • No branch queues
  • No fees for spending abroad
  • No call time targets
  • No bots
Graph showing independent service quality results, first sharing place Starling bank and Monzo with 81%. Third place first direct 78%. Fourth Metro bank 69%. Fifth NationWide 68%.

Independent service quality survey results.

As part of a regulatory requirement, independent surveys were conducted to ask customers of the largest personal and business current account providers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland if they would recommend their provider to friends and family. See Starling’s results for personal accounts and business accounts.
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