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Thinking about switching banks?

While traditional banks are stuck in the past, we’re building a bank for the future. Streamline your finances and get total visibility over your money by switching your current account over to Starling today with the Current Account Switch Service (CASS).

Why switch your bank account to Starling?

  • It’s free and easy. Requesting to switch only takes a few minutes and you won’t pay a penny.

  • The best of British. Our awards speak for themselves. We’ve been voted Best British Bank for three years running and we’re a Which? recommended provider.

  • It’s seamless. We’ll do the legwork of moving outgoing payments, payees you’ve set up, Direct Debits and standing orders. Also, if anybody pays money into your old account it will automatically be redirected to your Starling account.

  • Get the full picture. Managing your money when it’s all in different places can be difficult. By switching to Starling, you’ll be able to see everything in one place – and with our app’s features, you can get even more out of your money.

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Already have an account? Here’s how to switch...

  • Tap the top right icon to bring up the account menu and select ‘Switch to Starling’.
  • Enter the account details you’re switching from.
  • Choose your switch date and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • From this point, we’ll handle everything for you (it usually takes seven working days). In the unlikely event of any problems, we’ll resolve those for you.
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Switching a joint account?

If you’re switching a joint account, both of you will need to confirm the switch in the app.

Here’s what happens when you switch bank accounts

The whole process is quick, safe and guaranteed.

Don’t have a personal or joint account with us yet?

Download the app and apply for an account in minutes. Once you’ve been verified, follow the steps above to start your switch to Starling.

Please note: we do not support partial account switching.

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Voted Britain’s Best Bank, three years running

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