What are statements?

We won’t send you paper statements at Starling – doing our bit for the trees – but you can easily check your spending month-by-month or download custom statements in a few taps of the app.


  • Make a statement.
    Statements let you see what’s come in and what’s left your account each month. Scroll back to the day you opened your account, or download custom statements between two specific dates.
  • Full visibility.
    In addition to seeing your transactions, you can view how much interest you have earned, and any fees you have paid to Starling from overdrafts or loans.
  • Get creative with your business data.
    Export your statements as CSV (comma separated values) and use them with accounting software like Xero or FreeAgent, or any spreadsheet software – handy if you’re running your own business.
  • Prove it.
    Use statements as proof of identity, address or income. If you need a certified paper statement, we can also sort these out for £20 per order – they’ll take up to five working days to arrive.

How it works

Hit statements in the menu and either download your statement as a PDF or export it as a CSV.

Where to find it

For iOS, log into your Starling app and tap the menu icon in the top right corner, then select Statements. If you're on Android, log into the app, select the menu, then Account Management, Account Information and then Statements.

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