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Bills to Pay

What can I do with the ‘Bills to Pay’ feature?

Late bill payments? Not anymore. With ‘Bills to Pay’, you can upload supplier invoices as soon as they come in and then schedule a payment in just a few clicks. See all your bill payments at a glance and rest easy knowing that your bookkeeping admin will always be up to date. It’s just an extra, clever feature to help you do your bookkeeping by the book.


Utilities, inventory, suppliers – business owners have all kinds of costs to think about. But by having all your bills in one place, managing them becomes a whole lot easier.

  • Organise and track your bills.
    No nasty surprises at the beginning of the month.
  • Stress-free bookkeeping.
    In a few clicks, you can schedule the payment or pay immediately.
  • Manage cash flow.
    Know what’s going out and keep admin up to date with full visibility of your bills.

Here’s how it works

All your bills managed without having to leave your bank account - it’s handy stuff. Click on ‘Upload and pay a bill’ to upload the bill file and input bill details. Once you’ve selected the payee or entered a new payee’s details, you can then schedule the payment or pay immediately. When the payment is made, the bill will automatically be set to ‘complete’ in Bookkeeping, capturing any VAT and attaching the bill file to the transaction.

Where to find it

Once you’ve subscribed to the Toolkit in your mobile app, log in to online banking on your desktop. On the left side of the window, you’ll see a tab called ‘Bookkeeping’. Click it and you’ll see a tab called ‘Bills to Pay’.

Log in to online banking

The rundown

  • Upload and schedule bill payments
  • Track bill payments
  • Pre-populate VAT on transactions
  • Auto-attach supplier invoices to transactions

Want to know more?

Head on over to our ‘Bills to Pay’ FAQs, or discover all of the additional great features of our Business Toolkit.

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