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Business Class

Take notes from Starling’s resident experts, in a series of online sessions designed to help your business fly.

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What’s in store?

If you’re looking for some lunchtime listening that might just help your business take off, this is it. Join our in-house experts in conversation for Business Class: four online sessions about how to do business in 2021.

And not just doing business either – building, expanding and getting support for your business, too. Each month we’ll be uploading a new session, so tune in, buckle up and get ready to learn from some of the brightest minds of Britain’s Best Business Provider!

CBILS and BBLS 101: Repayments Explained

Confused by government-backed loans? In this session, Ruth Anderson, Starling’s Head of Lending, and Gurpreet Gill, our Business Advocate, will take you through the ins and outs of BBLS and CBILS, and your options for the Pay As You Grow scheme. What’s more, they’ll explain how Starling could help manage your repayments.

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Tips to help start and manage your business in 2021

It’s a new tax year, in a new world – businesses have a lot to navigate, especially if they are just starting out. In this session, Starling experts Sajni Shah and Victoria Newton, the masterminds behind our Business Toolkit, will give you tips on getting your business off the ground in 2021 and managing your financial admin.

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How to write a winning business plan

From pitching to investors to combating meeting nerves, we know coming up with an award-winning business idea isn’t easy. But it’s not impossible either; Starling was a small start-up once! In this session, Gurpreet Gill, our Business Advocate, speaks with Adnan Ahmed, our Head of Strategy, to understand what makes a winning business plan. Learn how to focus on your strengths, craft impactful business plans and raise funding (if you need it!).

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Looking after your best assets

As the saying goes: if you look after your staff, they’ll look after your business. In this session, Gurpreet Gill, our Business Advocate, will be putting wellbeing in the spotlight, with insights from our Chief People Officer, Susanna Yallop. Expect easy-to-apply tips on how to look after your most valuable assets: yourself and your team!

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