Your co-worker in Krakow. Your uncle in Wroclaw.

Whatever the reason – if you need to send money to Poland, do it with Starling’s award-winning mobile current account.

  • Competitive exchange rates. Our exchange rates and fees beat all the major banks – which means you’ll never pay over the odds to make a money transfer. We use the real exchange rate and it’s updated every 30 seconds. Use our currency converter calculator to work out the exchange rate.

  • Fair and transparent pricing. We work with partners to deliver your money to Poland in zloty. Those partners charge a fee to make the transfer, which we pass on to you – but you can rest easy knowing that our flat fee of 0.4% will be far more competitive than high street banks.

  • Fast and easy transfers. Once you’ve set up your Polish payee in the app, sending them money takes just a few taps. You’ll get an instant notification to confirm it’s been sent.

  • Security. Keeping your money safe is our number one priority. Keep track of exactly what’s coming in and out of your account with a real-time balance and instant payment alerts.

About our fees

When you make an international money transfer to Poland through our app, we’ll apply a 0.4% fee to the transaction. That fee is included and taken from the conversion amount, so you’ll always know exactly how much your payment will cost and then you’ll be able to choose from one of the delivery options below. All fees are clearly displayed within the app, so you’ll always know exactly what you’ve paid.

Priority delivery with SWIFT


Local network payment


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