What does the Invoicing feature do?

With the Invoicing feature, business owners can send professional invoices to their customers and see whether or not they’ve been paid. Automatic invoice matching, detailed payment statuses – who knew payday could get any better?

Benefits of Invoicing

When you run your own business, chasing invoices can feel like a full-time job in itself. But with the Invoicing feature, things become a little easier:

  • Create custom invoices.
    Create invoices in the Starling online bank – add your business logo and custom contact details.
  • Connect your email.
    Send professional invoices to customers by email from your Starling business account.
  • It’s a match.
    Easily match incoming payments (by letting us automatically pair your invoices with corresponding payments).

How it works

Start by creating your invoice. While it’s in draft mode, you’ll be able to edit the contents. When you’re done editing, you can send the invoice by email – simply integrate the Toolkit with Gmail or Office365. You can track the status of the invoice, and we’ll tell you when it’s been paid (by matching the invoice to a payment of the same amount).

Where to find it

Once you’ve subscribed to the Toolkit in your mobile app, log in to online banking on your desktop. You’ll see Invoices in the menu on the left hand side.

Log in to online banking

Want to know more?

Head over to our Invoicing FAQs, or discover all of the additional great features of our Business Toolkit.

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