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KiteLink lets friends and family send money directly to your child’s Kite Space

What’s a KiteLink?

KiteLink is part of Kite: our award-winning debit card and app for 6 - 15 year olds, managed from your own, adult Starling account.

It’s a unique link, connected to your child’s Kite Space. When switched on, it allows anyone with the link to send money straight to the Kite Space.

Just share the link with whoever is planning to send money. They’ll be able to send money using their card details, Apple Pay or Google Pay. It’s perfect for birthdays, holidays, or a little helping hand from the grandparents now and then.

Why use KiteLink?

  • Fast.
    It only takes a few taps to send the link, and a few taps more to send the money. No more cheques or waiting for cash in the post!
  • Secure.
    It’s safer and more convenient than cash. Plus, you can switch the link on or off in your app, which means you’re in control of when people can send money.
  • Clear.
    You’ll receive an instant phone notification when money is added to the Kite Space, and so will your child. Great for encouraging good money habits, and keeping track.

Check out our blog post on KiteLink.

How to share a KiteLink with friends and family:

Open your app, and head to the Kite Space.

Tap on KiteLinks, and make sure the link is switched to Active.

Tap Share link, and then choose who to send it to.

Go to Spaces

How friends and family send money with KiteLink:

Just tap on the link, and choose how much to send.

Enter your card details, or pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Hit send!

What’s Starling Kite?

Help kids manage their pocket money and turn spending into skills, with our award-winning debit card and app for 6-15 year olds. Learn more about Starling Kite.

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