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Manage your savings with Saving Spaces

What are Saving Spaces?

Think of them as virtual piggy banks. They sit within your bank account, but the money’s kept separate from your main balance – so you’ll never accidentally dip into your savings. Spaces are very visual, so you can see how your savings are shaping up at a glance. Plus, you’ll still earn interest on it (up to the account limits).


We built Saving Spaces because we believe that visualising all the great things you’re saving for (and viewing them as individual objectives) means you’ll get there faster.

  • Easy.
    Take money from your main balance and put it in one of your Spaces. All it takes is a tap – and you can transfer it back out again if you need to.
  • Automatic.
    With our Round Ups feature, you can round up whatever you spend to the nearest pound and send the spare change to your chosen Space. Multiply the amount for even speedier saving.
  • Visual.
    Personalise your Space by giving it a name and a photo. It helps to keep your eye on the prize.
  • Organised.
    Put your Spaces in any order you like, and get notified whenever the balance changes.

How it works

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