A nephew in New York. Your supplier in San Francisco.

Whatever the reason – if you need to send money to the USA, making the transfer through Starling’s mobile current account will get you...

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About our fees

When you make an international money transfer to the USA through our app, we’ll apply a 0.4% fee to the transaction. That fee is included and taken from the conversion amount, so you’ll always know exactly how much your payment will cost and then you’ll be able to choose from one of the delivery options below. All fees are clearly displayed within the app, so you’ll always know exactly what you’ve paid.

Priority delivery with SWIFT


Local network payment


Three, easy steps to get started

Download the app from Google Play Store or the App Store.

Enter your personal details and verify who you are by sending a short video and your identification documents.

We’ll carry out some quick checks at a UK Credit Reference Agency, and if you’re approved for a current account, start sending money abroad straightaway.