How to use Starling app features

Starling is a different kind of bank - one that fundamentally changes money management so that it’s quicker and easier - from how you control your spending to how you pay friends back or save for the things that are really important to you. We’ve got a host of excellent money management features, explore below some of them, and we’ll keep adding to the list.


We built Goals because we believe that visualising all the great things you’re saving for (and viewing them as individual objectives) means you’ll get there faster.

Learn about Goals

Settle Up

We’re making IOUs between family and friends simple, streamlined and speedy with Settle Up. Just a few taps, a single link and you’re settled up.

Learn about Settle Up

Card Controls

Keeping your money safe and secure is our biggest priority. Get total control over your debit card with Card Controls.

Learn about Card Controls

Nearby Payments

Send money to other nearby Starling customers whilst sat in a restaurant, bar or wherever you are, without needing their sort code and account number. It’s payments, made easier.

Learn about Nearby Payments

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