Bills to Pay

The Business Toolkit lets you upload bills as soon as you receive them and schedule payments to help you manage your cash flow.

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We’ll show you what admin needs to be done in a handy interactive to-do list. No more sleepless nights over bookkeeping.

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Business Spending Insights

Get a breakdown of your company’s spending, organise your outgoings and store receipts.

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Card Controls

Keeping your money safe and secure is our biggest priority. Get total control over your debit card with Card Controls.

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Cheque deposits

Sure, you can deposit cheques via freepost – but what if it’s raining outside? Deposit cheques of £500 or less from your mobile phone in the Starling app.

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Connected cards

If someone’s spending on your behalf at the moment, the Starling Connected card could make life a little easier for everyone.

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Instant notifications

Whenever money enters or leaves your account, we’ll send a real-time alert to your mobile. Here’s to the end of second guessing.

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The Marketplace offers a range of products you can link to your banking app. From accounting packages such as Xero and QuickBooks to insurance services and Slack.

Business marketplace


Create and send invoices directly from your desktop, and connect your online banking to your email. Match your invoices in a single click.

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Manage VAT

Record VAT on your transactions, which means less admin for you. Connect to HMRC and submit your returns through Making Tax Digital.

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Choose from a range of services you can link to your banking app, from pensions with PensionBee to digital receipts from Flux.

Personal finance marketplace

Nearby Payments

Send money to other nearby Starling customers whilst sitting in a restaurant, bar or wherever you are, without needing their sort code and account number. It’s payments, made easier.

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Personal Spending Insights

Spending Insights gives you a sneak peek into the inner workings of your own financial life.

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Post Office

If you need to deposit cash – or withdraw it – just head to your nearest Post Office. With 11,500 branches, there’s almost certainly one near you.

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Saving Spaces

We built Saving Spaces because we believe that visualising all the great things you’re saving for means you’ll get there faster.

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Settle Up

We’re making IOUs between family and friends simple, streamlined and speedy with Settle Up. A few taps, a single link and you’re settled up.

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Split the Bill

No more wrangling over the bill. With Split the Bill, you can work out who owes what and send out IOUs in just a few taps.

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View or download statements month-by-month, or create your own custom statements in a few taps in the app.

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Tax Estimation Tool

Good news for sole traders: see an up-to-date estimate of the money you need to save aside for the self employment part of your tax return.

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