Updated March 2024

The social media community guidelines are for anyone engaging with Starling Bank on any social media platform.

Our promise to you

We offer round the clock customer support in app and over the phone, and that extends to social media. We have a dedicated team responsible for customer contact across all of our social media accounts, which are also monitored overnight.

We’re very happy to help in any way we can and enjoy the positive interaction and assistance we give to all of our customers and users. We do however expect the same level of courtesy that we offer. We are, after all, humans too.

We’ll do our very best to respond to any inquiry within 24 hours, but in most cases it will be within a couple of hours. We’ll try to help you or direct you to the best people to handle your request as quickly and easily as possible.

Here are three key things for everyone to bear in mind when using social media to contact Starling Bank.

1. Contact us via your app first

Your first port of call for any customer service should be through the app or on your phone. We have dedicated teams available round the clock here in the UK, who have access to your account and can help much more quickly than coming through to our social media team.

2. Don’t share your personal information

Never share personal or financial information on a public social media channel. We’ll never ask for account details and never ask you to move any money. If anybody on any social media account asks you to do that, please end the interaction immediately and dial 147 to be connected immediately with our fraud team.

3. Nobody else can unlock your account

If your account is locked or restricted in any way and anybody offers assistance in reopening please end that interaction immediately. This has become a very common form of fraud. Nobody can un-restrict or unlock your account but us.

Starling social media house rules

  • All users must comply with the terms of use on the social media platform through which you’re communicating with us. If you break those rules, we’ll not hesitate to use the platform rules where appropriate
  • You’re wholly responsible for any content you post, including content that you choose to share. We will remove in whole or in part any post which we feel is inappropriate
  • We report and remove any social media profiles that are impersonating either Starling Bank or Starling Bank employees, including imagery fonts logos without permission
  • We will report and or block any social media uses who directs post replies or direct messages at the brand or our social media team, which we believe are any of the following:
    • abusive or obscene
    • graphic, or use, sensitive or offensive imagery
    • deceptive or misleading or violation of any intellectual property, rights laws or regulations
    • are spam, or are in any way, repeatedly engaging with us using content or language, which falls into the above categories

Please note

The Starling Bank social media accounts are here to provide information and support for Starling Bank customers and users of our website. These accounts are not advisory accounts and cannot respond to posts asking for financial advice.

We do not respond to tweets of a commercial nature. While we are happy to receive such material, we will not respond as we are governed by strict procurement rules. If you have a query related to our procurement platform please contact partnerships@starlingbank.com.

We reserve the right to modify or change these conditions at any time.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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