We’ve taken our award-winning mobile app and built it into a browser, so you can manage your money from your desktop. Expect the same great features – only bigger.

Online banking is currently only available to business customers. Personal banking customers, hang tight – we’re working on it.

So what exactly do you get with Starling’s online banking?


Maybe the payment information you need is in an email or you simply want to see everything on a bigger screen. Whatever makes online banking good for you, go online with Starling.


We’re a bank, so we’re pretty big on security. Our online banking platform has built-in security features to help keep your money safe. Like data encryption and multi-layer user authentication, without getting too technical on you.

New features

Customers ask, our developers develop. So keep an eye out for the string of new features we’ll be introducing soon.

Online features

Real-time data

See your actual balance and an up-to-date list of transactions.

Spending Insights

We’ll show you where you’re spending – on rent, travel, entertaining clients and so on.

Savings Goals

A virtual space for you to put money aside towards your Savings Goals, like moving office or kitting it out with the latest tech. You can see how close you’re getting.

Manage payments

View, setup and edit standing orders and any other regular payments you might have.

See statements

View and export statements, and save them straight to your desktop.

Card controls

Lost your debit card? You can freeze your card online.

Open for business

Online banking comes in handy in all kinds of scenarios, but especially when you run your own business. Here are just some of the main benefits.

Quick snapshot

The bigger the screen, the more transactions you can see at once.

Stay put

If you’re working in a browser already, it can be easier to have your banking there.

Be organised

Export statements straight to your computer desktop. Save them, file them – or even create a collage with them, for a tasteful yet professional desktop wallpaper. Go wild.

Go online with Starling today

Existing customer?

Just follow these 3 simple steps

Enter your account number and mobile number.

Tap the notification on your mobile, and confirm your login attempt.

This will open the Starling app, where you can use your fingerprint or security code for verification, and log into online banking.

And voilà! Up pops the homepage, with all your transactions.

Log in

New customer?

Apply for a Starling Bank account in minutes. You’ll need to download the app first – but there’s plenty of web-based financial fun to be had once you’re up and running.

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