Online Banking

But not as you know it

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Starling debit card

Our version of online banking is a little unorthodox — we believe you should be able to manage your money on the go, completely from your mobile phone. No power cables or card readers needed.

So what are the benefits for having your current account in one place?


  • Quick, simple setup in minutes. Record a short video and take a photo of your valid photo ID.

  • Make the switch. With just a few taps in the app, you can let us know you’re ready to make the move and we’ll do the rest with the Current Account Switch Service.

    Current account switch guarantee

  • Talk to us, whenever you need. 24/7 in-app customer support via live chat.

  • The usual banking features, but all in the app. Send money instantly with Faster Payments, set up direct debits and standing orders.


  • Know exactly how much you’ve got to work with. See your real-time bank account balance on the Pulse, and get real-time updates on your spending. No delays.

  • Reveal your habits. Our Spending Insights feature helps you to see exactly where your money goes — by category and merchant — so you can make meaningful financial decisions that matter to you.

  • We do one thing well. Current accounts are our thing, but our Marketplace partners offer a host of specialist financial services you can choose to integrate with via the app, such as Moneybox and Yoyo Wallet.


  • Think you’ve misplaced your card? Don’t despair. Instantly lock your card within the app, and unlock it if you find it again. Crisis averted.

  • We keep your money safe. As a member of the FSCS, eligible balances of £85,000 are fully protected if in the rare instance anything were to go away.

Online banking, done better

  • No computers — your mobile does it for you, wherever you are

  • No fiddly card readers — better security, built in

  • No lagging balances — see it in real-time

  • No complicated bank statements — clear insights on your spending

  • No phone queues — talk to us when is convenient for you with 24/7 in app chat