Starling overdrafts are flexible and easy to manage with smart tools and reasonable rates. You’ll get...

15% EAR

And that’s the actual rate you’ll pay. Interest is accrued daily and charged on the 15th of the following month – and it’ll always be updated clearly in your app.

No fees

We won't charge you an additional fee on top of the interest you pay.

Complete control

Once your overdraft is approved, you’ll be able to manage the amount you need within that limit in the app. Back in the black? Close your overdraft at any time at no extra cost.

I’m interested – how can I apply?

Just complete the form below and our lending team will assess your application and get in touch soon.

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      It’s worth noting:

      To assess whether we can offer you an overdraft, our lending team might need some additional information from you, such as bank statements or serviced financial accounts. You’ll also need to give us your consent for a credit check.

      If you take an overdraft with us, your credit score could be impacted if you go over your limit or don’t make repayments when they’re requested (which could affect your chances of borrowing in the future).