At Starling, we strive for fast, beautiful banking. That’s why we continuously review and update the functionality, look and feel of our features. And that’s why we’re launching a new design for how our business customers login to online banking.

What’s changing?

When it came to refining the login page, our top priority was making the instructions even clearer and more concise. We also wanted to create a bright, minimalist design that matched the Starling app.

Beyond changing visual design, we also added an option to remember your account number on your trusted laptop or desktop. This feature was requested by several customers - your account number isn’t always easy to remember so we hope this will make logging in quicker and more secure.

As before, once you’ve entered your account number and phone number, a notification will appear in your Starling app, asking you to confirm your login attempt. Tapping the ‘Approve’ button below our terms and conditions will enable you to access online banking on your laptop or desktop. You can find out more about why we chose this login process in our previous blog post on online banking - it’s all about keeping you and your data safe and secure.

Our security

We always build multiple layers of security into our technology and features. From logging into the app with fingerprint or facial recognition, to the ability to lock your card if lost or stolen, we’ve put a number of security measures in place to give you extra peace of mind.

We also have several guides on protecting yourself from fraud. Remember that if anything doesn’t look familiar or feel right, stop and take a moment to look into it before deciding whether you think it’s safe to continue.

It’s also worth checking the website URL. For online banking with Starling, it should say with a closed padlock icon next to it.

If you’re unsure of something, you can always send us a message through the Starling app or website or speak to us on the phone. It’s worth noting that we’ll never call you unless there’s a long queue for Customer Service and you’ve asked us to call you back. So if you receive an unexpected call from someone saying they work for Starling Customer Service, hang up and call us yourself or send a message through the app. When it comes to money, you can never be too careful.

What’s included in online banking?

Through online banking, business customers can:

  • Check their bank balance and list of transactions in real time
  • Set up payments and edit standing orders
  • View and export statements in CSV or PDF format
  • Review spending and edit categories
  • Lock their business card if lost or stolen
  • Set money aside as a savings goal or for a specific purpose with Spaces

Customers who’ve signed up to our Business Toolkit for £7 per month will also be able to create and match invoices, estimate tax and VAT payments and upload bills through their online banking portal.

If you’re a Starling personal customer keen to do your banking on a laptop or desktop, hang tight - we’re working on it. It’s coming your way.

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