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The modern banking customer wants fast, easy, bespoke services that can be harnessed via their mobile phone. Jennifer Palmer, Head of Customer Proposition, discusses the Starling customer.

starling customer

One of the great benefits of working for a start-up is the enthusiasm and desire amongst the team to challenge the status quo.

It’s an ambitious undertaking to actually build a bank from the ground up. To push the envelope of what defines everyday banking opens up so many opportunities for change.

We’re on a journey to re-invent how people access and manage their money. People’s expectations today are dramatically different and continue to grow as new ideas develop and permeate in all areas of life – from ordering lunch from UberEATS, to buying a book at home and having access to it immediately. We expect instant results and real-time impact.

Starling’s customers’ expectations will be in line with the best in mobile experience. So rather than being benchmarked versus other banks, we expect to be benchmarked against the likes of CityMapper, Uber, and Spotify in terms of customer experience.

For a current account, it’s not just about being able to access your money through your mobile – it’s being able to understand how you spend money and what that means to your bottom line at the end of the day, week, month, or year.

So who is our target customer?

Our customers are not defined by age or geography. Our customers are the people that are comfortable using technology to run their daily lives, using their mobile to order dinner one minute and pay a water bill the next. They want security, convenience, and service.

Our purpose is to use the latest in technology to empower our customers with the insights they need to make better decisions about money.

In fact, we talk to people about the product we are developing all the time. They all have different backgrounds and views on life, but they are optimistic about increasing competition in retail banking and are keen to have services that support them in their everyday lives.

Starling customers want to be able to do everything on their mobile, without having to go into another channel like a call centre or online banking, let alone a branch. This includes things like locking your card when it’s misplaced, or reaching out to clarify a transaction. Why be tied up on a call, if you don’t want to be, when you can make a query on the go and get back to it later when it’s convenient for you?

Of course if you do need to have something resolved, then we will have a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week call-centre that will be on hand to speak to or chat live with at your convenience. Because sometimes you just want to talk to a real person!

If this sounds like it resonates with you, sign up here to be one of the first to be able to open an account when we launch, or just to hear more about what we are up to, or to contribute to our product development.

I’m excited to be part of such an enthusiastic team, and developing a product built upon true customer needs. I hope to meet you soon in our product community.

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