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Manage your invoices, bills, tax, VAT and more from your bank account, all for just £7 a month.

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Toolkit will help you stay on top of tax, invoices, bills and more.

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When your banking and bookkeeping are all in the same place, life becomes that little bit easier.

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Whether you’re a freelancer, self-employed, or small business, Toolkit’s features simplify the extra financial admin.

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Christopher Smith

It’s really easy to see what’s in the process of being paid, what’s done and what’s still outstanding.

Christopher Smith, Smith Brass Services

Features of the Business Toolkit

Instant invoices

Create and seamlessly send invoices directly from your desktop, and connect your online banking to your email. When you get paid, just match your invoices in a single click.

View a dashboard of all of your invoices to stay on top of your cash flow.

Learn more about invoicing

Automated expenses

We’ll automatically categorise your transactions with useful spending categories and tax allocations. See handy hints in the category description to help you understand what is and isn’t allowable for tax.

Learn more about the Bookkeeping feature

No more tax surprises

Good news for sole traders: see an up-to-date estimate of the money you need to save for the self employment part of your tax return. You can then set it aside with just one tap.

We calculate an estimate using cash accounting. This is suitable for most self-employed sole traders earning less than £150,000 per year.

Learn more about the tax tool

Record and submit VAT

Record VAT on your transactions, and set defaults if you’re happy to automate some of it. Connect to HMRC and submit your returns through Making Tax Digital.

✓ Cash Accounting Scheme

✓ Flat Rate Scheme (cash basis)

We don’t currently support other VAT schemes.

Learn more about managing VAT

Sort your bills

The Business Toolkit lets you upload bills as soon as you receive them and schedule payments to help you manage your cash flow.

Learn more about the Bills to Pay feature

Never lose track

No more sleepless nights over invoices, tax or VAT. Starling will always show you what needs to be done in a handy interactive to-do list, so you can stay on top of your admin.

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The Business Toolkit could be great for you if you...

Are a freelancer

Sole trader, contractor, chief wearer of many hats – however you describe what you do, your life could be made easier by the Business Toolkit.

Feel overwhelmed by admin

Spend less time sorting through invoices and receipts – and more on what you’re good at.

Want to keep everything in one place

Manage things like bookkeeping, bills, VAT and self-assessment tax, directly from your bank account.

Like the idea of automated bookkeeping

But don’t want the expense or commitment of a separate accountancy package.

Do your VAT on a cash basis

Good news for those of you on the Cash Accounting Scheme or the Flat Rate Scheme (cash basis): both are compatible with the Business Toolkit.

Want to do your books on the big screen

For the time being, the Business Toolkit is available in online banking only. This means you can log in to your account on your desktop or laptop and manage your books from there.

Features and pricing

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The Business Toolkit

£7.00 / mo

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Business Toolkit Features



Invoices and auto-matching

Create and manage unlimited invoices directly from your desktop. When you get paid, just match your invoices in a single click



Email integrations

Link your Google, Outlook or Hotmail email to the Business Toolkit to issue invoices directly from your bank account



HMRC Tax estimation (sole trader only)

Estimate your self-employed tax (SA103F), national insurance and student loan liabilities



Record VAT on transactions

Record your VAT, and we’ll calculate your VAT return if you’re on cash accounting or flat rate (cash basis)



Smart tax savings

Set aside money for your self-employed tax and VAT bills in a click



MTD VAT submission

Connect your account to HMRC and submit your VAT return through Making Tax Digital



Bookkeeping to-do list

See what needs to be done in a handy interactive to-do list, so you can stay on top of your bookkeeping admin



Manage bills

Upload bills, schedule payments and track your expenses. Auto-sync Direct Debits from Spaces



Starling Original Features



Free UK current account

Starling is a registered bank. Up to £85,000 of your eligible deposits will be FSCS protected


Multi-director access

Manage an account with the other directors of your business


Integration with accounting software

Link your account with QuickBooks, Xero or FreeAgent


Free UK bank transfers

Send and receive pounds within the UK, completely free of charge


International payments

Make payments to 30+ countries with real-time exchange rates and no hidden fees


No debit card fees abroad

Use your Starling card on business abroad, with zero fees


24/7 UK support

Get in touch, wherever you are, via phone, email or in-app chat


Automated business categories

We’ll put your expenses into relevant business categories for you


Receipt capture

Add receipts to transactions while you’re on the go


Savings spaces

Set aside money towards your business goals


Apple, Google, Samsung and Garmin Pay

Pay with your mobile or smart watch


Mobile and online banking

Manage your finances at home, in the office or on the go


Mobile cheque deposits

Pay cheques in via the Starling app and receive the funds within two working days


Cash deposits

Pay in cash at your local Post Office, there’s a 0.7% charge (minimum charge of £3) for each deposit


ATM withdrawals

£300 fee-free every day, at home or abroad


Card control

Freeze your card in the app if you lose your card on the go


Instant notifications

We’ll let you know whenever you get paid or spend from your account


Connect to other business services

Access a range of products and services in the Starling Business Marketplace that you can link to your business or sole trader bank account


Bills Manager

Get a clearer view of your money by paying Direct Debits and standing orders from a separate Saving Space.


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