Digital technology is changing the way we live and work, so why do we still find paper receipts clogging our wallets or swimming at the bottom of our bags? We invited the founders of Flux — Matty, Tom and Veronique — to tell us why they started their business and just how easy it is to set up the integration within the Starling app. Plus, a delicious little treat for Starling and Flux customers!

Flux was born out of one simple thought: today, the only way to keep a record of exactly what you buy in the real world is via printed pieces of paper. We’ll let that sink in for a minute.

We think it’s insane that we still go from paying with 21st century Contactless cards to 100 BC paper receipts! There is no digital link between what you buy and your transaction statement. So we built one.

Flux was founded by Matty, Tom and Veronique. We love working on super hard problems and met as early employees at another high growth fintech in London.

We’re so excited to announce that we are the first integrated partner in Starling’s personal finance Marketplace. That means you can switch on Flux directly from your Starling app — there’s no need to download anything extra. Now, together we can drive our mission to rid the world of paper that clogs up our wallets!

Flux is Live with Starling Bank!

Flux sends real-time receipts to your Starling app when you pay with your Starling card at any of Flux’s retail partners, which so far includes all 111 EAT stores in the UK and Bel-Air.

see where you can use Flux

In the future, Flux will also allow Starling customers to get automated loyalty points with cashback for any loyalty freebies that have been collected. So, say you’ve accumulated nine cheese toasties on your loyalty card, instead of redeeming your free item with a code or something else, simply buy the next toastie as normal and Flux will send the cash back for that free item straight back to your Starling account.

At the moment, Starling customers can see the retailer’s name, amount spent, date and location on a map. Flux completes the picture by showing each item bought, VAT and any available loyalty stamps. This is then displayed directly in your Starling app.

This completely removes the need to hold onto paper loyalty cards or receipts for the retailers using Flux — winning!

If you have Starling head over to Marketplace in your Starling app and add Flux: it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

If you want to find out more about us, visit our website. There you’ll also find a friends of Flux code so if you’re not already a Starling customer, you can skip the queue.

Finally, as a big welcome, EAT have teamed up with us to offer the first 1,000 Starling customers a free regular sized hot drink with your first purchase at any EAT store when you have Flux! Just pay as normal for both your item and hot drink, Flux will then send cash back for the drink to your Starling account. Easy! Read more about the offer.

Find Marketplace in the app menu - and add Flux from there!

Starling and Flux share a joint vision for a digital only future. On one hand, Starling is committed to a digital only banking experience whilst Flux is on a mission to digitise the world’s receipt and loyalty data — so let’s get to it!

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