Equipsme provides affordable, flexible and simple health insurance plans for businesses, employees and their families. And it’s become the latest addition to our Marketplace, the space in the app where customers can connect to third-party products and services.

Through Equipsme, Starling business customers can arrange health insurance plans that work for them. It’s available to businesses with two or more owners or employees, aged between 16 and 69. Until 31st October 2020, Equipsme is offering the first two months free on all its health insurance plans, for all business types and employee sizes. After that time, the cost would be £7, £17, £29 or £37 per person per month, depending on the cover you choose.

What does Equipsme offer?

All plans include 24/7 GP access, nurse helplines inc. Heart/Cancer nurses and an online health check.

  • GP Plus: Up to five sessions of physiotherapy per year, no excess, £7 per person per month
  • Level 3: Up to five sessions of physiotherapy per year, specialist consultations, diagnostic tests and scans, second opinion service, annual health kit (includes Vitamin D test through their partner Thriva), £17 per person per month
  • Level 2: Up to eight sessions of physiotherapy per year, same diagnosis cover as level 3 but with private hospital treatment including surgeons & room fees, annual health kit (Vitamin D & Cholesterol), £150 excess, £29 per person per month
  • Level 1: No yearly limit sessions of physiotherapy per year, same diagnosis and private hospital cover as level 2, an extended annual health kit to include Vitamin D, Cholesterol and Diabetes, no excess, £37 per person per month

In addition, businesses can add Stress Support for all employees covered for an extra £1.50 per person per month and Dental & Optical cover for £7.50 per person per month.

Employees can choose to upgrade to a higher level of cover and pay the difference. They can also add a partner and up to six children - partners cost the same as the employee would per month. For half the employee price they can also add up to six children aged under 25 years old.

Everyone covered has access to the Equipsme app and members portal. This enables bookings for telephone consultations with an NHS qualified, UK based doctor with no appointment or time limit, and access to the private prescription delivery service available with delivery to home, work or local pharmacy.

What are the benefits of business health insurance?

There’s a positive ripple effect for offering health insurance. In providing support for your team’s health and happiness, you may find that customer service improves, more people stay in the company and more people want to join.

The faster a team member is able to be diagnosed and treated, the easier it is to plan for your business. Equipsme health insurance is easy to budget for with transparent and sustainable pricing. Prices have not increased at renewal since 2018, even for customers who have claimed.

Support for physical and mental health could also mean that your employees take fewer days off for sickness, meaning that both your team and your business remain healthier and more productive.

What about pre-existing medical conditions?

Any pre-existing medical conditions or symptoms from the three years prior to the start date of the plan will not be covered.* If a medical condition is diagnosed after the plan has started, this will be covered provided that it doesn’t come under other exclusions.

When it comes to cancer, the treatment itself is excluded, due to how complicated and diverse it can be. But fast diagnosis will always be a priority. Health professionals will then guide you to the NHS for treatment and Equipsme will provide access to a dedicated nurse service and personal support after diagnosis.

For coronavirus, the diagnostic tests are not currently covered, but they’re keeping a close eye on it and this may change.

Who delivers the care?

Employees can choose to use their own NHS GP or the Equipsme remote GP service. For physio, you’ll be matched to a therapist based on your location.

Equipsme works with a number of partners to create and deliver their health insurance plans. Physiotherapy, diagnosis and hospital treatment is insured by AXA PPP healthcare Limited using an approved medical network. Remote 24/7 GP services and prescription services comes from Medical Solutions, health checks are provided by Thriva and Stress Support comes from Health Assured.

Stress Support includes a 24/7 confidential telephone service, up to five face-to-face counselling sessions per year and counselling online or by phone.

For dental check-ups and treatments, you can claim back up to £200 per year. Up to £100 per year can be paid back for sight tests and prescriptions and up to £25 is contributed towards an annual sight test.

If the business chooses to add on Stress Support and/or Dental & Optical cover and the employee adds family members to their plan, the people added will also receive these benefits. And it won’t cost the business or the employee any extra.

How do you pay?

Businesses pay for a 12-month plan per employee via monthly direct debit. If employees have upgraded or added family members, they will be charged separately, again by monthly direct debit.

Equipsme will nudge you to check your policy details before it renews. You can add more people to the policy at any time.

How do you set up Equipsme through Starling?

Equipsme health insurance plans can be started by going to the Starling Marketplace, found in the main menu of your business account. When you click ‘Equipsme’ under the Insurance category, you’ll be directed to the consent screen to share your data. This includes details such as your company name and address.

The sign-up process will continue on the Equipsme webpage. You can select the level of cover you’d like and how many employees you’d like to cover at that level. When you tap ‘Get a quote’ Equipsme will calculate the price and summarise the cover your employees will receive. You can then email this quote to yourself. And you’ll be all set.

As always, signing up to Equipsme through Starling will never cost more than going direct. There is a 21-day selection window for employees to make their additional cover/family choices before the plan goes live and then cover kicks in.

*A pre-existing condition is any disease, illness or injury that employees have received medication, advice or treatment for in the three years before the start of cover or have experienced symptoms of in the three years before the start of cover; whether or not the condition was diagnosed.

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