Business Account Pricing

Fees, Interest Rates and Charges
Version 1.1, June 2018

A Business Account means a current account used for business purposes. Business Accounts are offered to both limited companies and sole traders

Account interest

No interest is paid on credit balances in Business Accounts.

Overdraft Interest

Arranged Overdrafts:

Arranged overdrafts are not available for Business Accounts although we may look to offer this in the future.

Unarranged Overdrafts:

If we honour a transaction or payment that causes your account balance to drop below zero, we will charge 15% EAR on the overdrawn amount – this is the actual rate you will pay (we may update rates from time to time).

We understand that everyone can slip up from time to time when it comes to overdrafts, so If your total overdraft interest charges are less than 10p at the end of any given month, we will waive your interest charge for that month. We’ll always notify you if you need to add money to your account.

Know your AER from your EAR:

Equivalent Annual Rate (EAR): a representative interest rate that shows what you would pay if you go into your overdraft and remain overdrawn for a year. Interest is accrued daily, charged monthly and it’s all updated in your app.

Annual Equivalent Rate (AER): the rate of interest a saver will receive over a year assuming the credit balance is left in the account for the full year.

Monthly account keeping fees

If you are a sole trader or limited company whose business qualifies as a micro enterprise i.e. you employ fewer than 10 persons and your turnover does not exceed £1.7m, you will not be charged any monthly account fees for your Business Account.

Customers whose business is larger than the definition of micro-enterprise will not be charged a monthly account keeping fee during the testing period, however will be charged a monthly fee in the future. We will let you know about the charge in advance of it coming into effect.

Adding money to your account

There is no cost for receiving bank transfers into your Business Account from any other UK bank, likewise there is no cost for making bank transfers out of your Business Account to any other UK bank.

For transfers from overseas accounts, the originator of the payment may have instructed their bank to deduct fees from the transferred amount or charge you an additional fee. For transfers which you receive in Euros, generally we will convert your money into £ sterling at Starling’s daily conversion rate.

We will not charge you a fee for Starling’s services.

Making payments

It’s free to make payments from your Starling £ account in the following ways:

• Faster payments
• Direct Debits
• Standing Orders

When we decline a payment (e.g. direct debits and standing orders) from your account because there is insufficient money in your account we will not charge you a fee.

Making international payments

When you make a foreign currency transfer within our app to another bank account via our currency service, you will see the exchange rate that will be used plus the proposed fee to be charged, before you make your transaction.

ATM Withdrawals

It’s free to withdraw £ from an ATM in the UK.

It’s free to withdraw cash from an ATM outside the UK, we will use MasterCard foreign exchange rates.

Starling will not charge a fee to withdraw foreign currency from an ATM but you may be charged by the ATM provider.

Using your card

Debit card payments at a point of sale or online to UK merchants are free.

MasterCard foreign exchange rates will apply for transactions outside the UK or online in foreign currency.

When you are purchasing something from a non-UK merchant (physical or on-line) or ATM and you choose to transact in £ at the point of sale, the merchant / ATM determines the foreign exchange rate and may apply fees.

Additional Services

When you receive a replacement card from us at your request as your original card has been lost or stolen we may at our discretion charge you a £5 fee.

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