Introduction – terms relating to Google Pay

These terms (the “Google Pay Terms”) are in addition to the agreement with us (Starling Bank Limited) that applies to the use of your Account and your Starling App (the “Main Agreement”). Terms in capitals in these Google Pay Terms have the same meaning in the Main Agreement. If there is any overlap or conflict between the Google Pay Terms and the Main Agreement, the Main Agreement applies. If you have other terms relating to the terms of your device which uses Android (“Android Device”) then they will apply. Of course, we are not responsible for anything going wrong with Google Pay or your Android Device. Also please note that any transactions with your Starling Card will remain subject to other terms which may apply (for example those of MasterCard).

How do you make it work?

You can link your Starling card to Google Pay by adding the Starling card to the Google Pay app and then you are ready to go. After that, where the Google Pay sign is shown, just follow the relevant instructions (which will include security features such as entering a password). Please note that contactless payment limits may apply depending on the retailer and payment terminal used.

How do you stop it?

To stop using Google Pay with your Starling card, go into the Google Pay app and “remove card”.

Can Starling stop you using Google Pay?

Our right to stop you using Google Pay is the same as our right in the Main Agreement to stop you having an Account.

What security provisions apply?

The Main Agreement has a number of really important security provisions – what you must and must not do to keep your device and Account secure. The same apply to using your card with Google Pay. Please remind yourself of them before you start using Google Pay. Do not share your security details. If you lose your Android Device, get in touch immediately. If you change device, delete all relevant information including Google Pay. If we replace your debit card, we will link your new card to Google Pay automatically.

Does it cost anything?

We don’t charge you when you use Google Pay.

Personal information

Please take the opportunity to reread our privacy policy, so you know what we do with personal information about you. However, please note you will also be subject to Google’s privacy policy. We and Google share certain personal information with each other for a number of reasons, including to improve our and its service, to verify information and to prevent fraud.

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