The information about you we collect

When your parent or legal guardian applies for your card, we ask them for:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth

We collect this information so we know who your card belongs to – so we’ll make sure your name is written on the back.

We may need to ask your parent or legal guardian to provide a document like your passport so we can be sure who you are.

When you use your card to spend money, we’ll collect:

  • The date and time
  • How much you spent
  • Where you spent it
  • And the technical information we need to process your payment

Your parent or legal guardian will be able to see your spending in their app, and if you have your Starling app set up you can see it too. Our customer service team will be able to see this information to help your parent or legal guardian if they have any questions.

If your parent or legal guardian set up the Starling app on your own device, we’ll collect:

  • Some details about your phone or tablet like what model it is and the version of software it is running
  • Details of the messages your phone or tablet sends to our servers when you’re using your app

We need this information to make sure that our systems and your money are kept safe and secure. We also use this information to fix problems with our app when things go wrong.

How we use this information

We only collect and use your information so that we can make your app and card work properly. We won’t share your data with any other people for marketing, but it is shared with the companies that make and operate your card.

How long we keep your data

We do not keep your data forever, but as we are a bank, we’re required to keep your information for six years after your parent/guardian has ended your service. In certain circumstances, we have to store this information for longer.

Your data rights

You can ask us to tell you what personal data we have about you, or ask us to stop using it or delete it/store it in a special way so that we can’t use the information. We may not be able to delete the information if the law tells us we can’t. If your personal data is wrong, you can tell us and we’ll fix it. Or if you don’t want to use certain features of the service, let us know and we might be able to turn those features off for you.

How your card is controlled

Although you have the right to keep your personal data secret, your parent or legal guardian will be able to see and use the following information about your card and app, so they can keep you safe too.

They will be able to see and do the following:

  • See your PIN in their app just in case you forget it
  • In their app, they’ll be able to:
    • Turn on/off ATM withdrawals
    • Turn on/off online purchases
  • Add and take away money from your card
  • Receive real-time spending alerts and see all transactions made using your card
  • Lock or unlock your card
  • Order a replacement card
  • Set you up a Starling app on your phone or tablet so you can see your spending and how much money you have available
  • Remove your app access, for example if you lost your phone or tablet

Who oversees the use of my data

We have a Data Protection Officer whose job is to protect your data. They make sure we are following the requirements set by the law, and that your data is being kept safe. If they see something wrong, they tell us how we can fix it.

Your parent or legal guardian can email or write a letter to our Data Protection Officer if you have any concerns.

The Information Commissioner’s Office makes sure we use your personal information correctly. They make sure we follow the rules, which helps to keep your information safe.

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