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A current account like no other

Get more from your money with Starling’s award-winning, app-based personal account. Enjoy no monthly fees and apply in minutes from your phone.

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Apply for a free, award-winning and fully-licensed UK bank account in minutes, with protection for your money up to £85,000 from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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Features fit for an award-winning account.

  • Instant notifications. Get an alert whenever payments leave or enter your account.

  • Categorised spending insights. Seeing where, when and how you’re spending makes budgeting fast and easy.

  • Spaces. Put money aside in virtual change jars, automatically round up transactions to save the change and give someone a Connected card if they’re spending on your behalf.

  • All your financial products, in one place. Connect with some of the UK’s best financial products – like your mortgage, insurance or pension – via our Marketplace.

  • A new way to pay. Settle up IOUs with a simple payment link, send money to nearby Starling customers or split bills with a tap.

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Banking. But less hassle.

  • Seamless switching. Move all your finances over to Starling in a few taps by using the Current Account Switch Service.

  • Lock your card with a tap. Use the app to lock your card if it goes missing – and block gambling transactions and payment methods, too.

  • No fees overseas. Use both your card and ATMs freely when you travel, with no extra charges from us.

  • All your admin, in the app. Change your address, cancel your card, set up new accounts and more.

  • Send money internationally. With no hidden fees, and at a competitive rate.

  • Lending, reimagined. Control your overdraft in-app (if eligible), with a market leading rate of 15% APR* (variable), and no hidden fees or unfair unarranged charges.

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Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

  • Cheque deposits. Just scan the cheque with your camera to make a deposit.

  • Cash. Withdraw from ATMs and deposit cash at any one of the Post Office’s 11,500 branches.

  • Earn interest. Get 0.05% AER on balances up to £85,000.

  • Online banking. You can also manage your Starling account from your laptop or computer.

  • Additional accounts. Like to manage your money across multiple accounts? Add an additional account completely free of charge!

  • Kinder to the planet. Our Mastercard debit card is made from recycled plastic (the very first of its kind in the UK).

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Apply for a Starling current account today and enjoy app-based banking at its best.

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Independent service quality survey results

An independent survey asked customers if they would recommend their banking provider to friends and family.

CMA survey results, published February 2023

Thousands of happy current account customers

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Grow your savings hassle-free in a Fixed Saver

  • Secure. Fix a rate of 3.25% interest, and know exactly how much you’ll save by this time next year. With Starling, your money is covered to £85,000 by the FSCS across all accounts.

  • Easy. Once you have a Starling account, open a Fixed Saver in a few taps, from the Spaces tab of your app: no long application forms, no hassle. Not a customer yet?

  • Tidy. No more juggling multiple bank accounts. Fixed Savers, Saving Spaces, your day-to-day spending and more: it’s all managed from one seamless app.

You can’t top a Fixed Saver up once it’s been opened, but you can have multiple Fixed Savers at once. There’s a minimum deposit of £2,000 for each.

But just to be clear: your funds will be locked away for a year; you won’t be able to access this money. Make sure you’re covered for unexpected circumstances by keeping some money aside with easy access in regular Saving Spaces.

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Read key information in our summary box below

New to Starling? You’ll need our award-winning current account to open a Fixed Saver. It only takes a few minutes to apply, and it’s done entirely from your phone. Then, open a Fixed Saver in the Starling app.

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Fixed Saver Summary box

+Account name

Account name

1-Year Fixed Saver

+What is the interest rate?

What is the interest rate?

Fixed Gross/Annual Equivalent Rate (AER): 3.25%

The Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) shows how much interest you’ll earn after a whole year. It’s used to make like-for-like comparisons between different savings products.

We pay gross interest, which means we don’t deduct any tax you might owe. You have a Personal Tax Allowance, but it varies depending on your tax status. You can access a tax certificate statement in the app, and you may need to declare the interest earned from your Fixed Saver on your tax return.

Interest is calculated every day, and paid at the end of the term.

+Can Starling change the interest rate?

Can Starling change the interest rate?

No, the interest rate will stay at 3.25% for the full one year term.

+If I deposit £2,000, what will my balance be after the one year term?

If I deposit £2,000, what will my balance be after the one year term?

Interest rate (AER): 3.25%

Balance after one year: £2,065.00

Whatever your deposit, multiply it by 1.0325 to work out your balance after one year.

+How do I open and manage my Fixed Saver?

How do I open and manage my Fixed Saver?

To open a 1-Year Fixed Saver, you’ll need to have a Starling current account.

The minimum deposit is £2,000 and you can hold up to £1,000,000 across all the Fixed Savers you may have.

You can open and manage your Fixed Saver in Online Banking.

+Can I withdraw or add money?

Can I withdraw or add money?

No, you can’t move your money until the end of the one year term – even for a fee. Before the end of your fixed term, we’ll contact you to find out what you’d like to do with your money next.

You can’t add money to a Fixed Saver once it’s been created. You can open multiple Fixed Savers – there is a minimum deposit of £2,000 each time, and each Fixed Saver is locked for one year.

+Additional information

Additional information

You can cancel your Fixed Saver within the first 14 days of opening it and we’ll return your money without interest.