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Cut down on admin, digitise your finances from start to finish and spend more time on what’s important: growing your business. Integrate Zettle with your Starling business account to streamline your payments data.

Unlock all kinds of benefits when you integrate Zettle with your Starling account:

  • Seamless: connect your banking with your payments, and easily navigate between accounts
  • Insightful: get richer data on your payouts
  • Automated: save time on admin and bookkeeping

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High-level sales insight via the Starling app

See how many transactions you made in the last seven days, and what they added up to.

Payout receipts

View more detailed payout receipts in your Starling app whenever you receive a payment from Zettle. We’ll show you the number of transactions in the payout, plus any extras (like Zettle fees or tips).

Automated bookkeeping

If you subscribe to the Business Toolkit, we’ll automatically process all your Zettle transactions everyday for bookkeeping purposes to make cash accounting easier. That means less admin, and a clearer view of the big picture.

About Starling

Starling for Business is a different kind of business bank account. Fast and free to set up, it’s an account designed to help small businesses manage their finances on the go with smart cash flow management tools, real-time payment alerts and 24/7 support.

Additional products, such as the Business Toolkit are available for £7 per month.

About Zettle

Zettle has been part of the PayPal family since 2018. With their digital payment technology, Zettle gives business owners the power to accept card, contactless and mobile payments, as well as organise inventory and analyse sales.

Think of the Marketplace as the app store for managing your business.

Alongside Zettle, there are loads of integrations available in the Marketplace – and all just a click away. And you don’t have to be a new customer: there are benefits to be had for everyone in the Marketplace.

How to connect to Zettle

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