A solicitor in Stirling planning an office upgrade, a motion-designer in Manchester seeking new animation software, or a gardener in Grantham after a bigger van for bigger jobs. We know that business owners right across the UK are looking to grow their ventures beyond what they are today.

That’s why we introduced Starling Goals for business accounts.

On your marks. Get set. Goal.

With Goals, you can easily create a new space to build your funds, for that nifty piece of software or that beautiful van, or whatever you decide. Your Goal is clearly ring-fenced from your main balance, so that you will always know how much you have available for the things you need.

Give your Goal a name and add a photo for extra clarity and motivation. Stay on track by adding a recurring contribution and, if you know how much you’re aiming to save, you can set a target too. We’ll show you a savings progress bar, encouraging you to the finish line.

Once you’ve hit the target, we’ll let you know, so that you can release the funds back into your account and put them towards whatever the business needs.

Boss your budgets

Wondering how much is available for your Goals each month? It’s easy. Just visit Spending Insights in the app to see what your income and expenses are and get a clearer idea of what you can put aside.

Goal your own way

Goals are great for savings, but they can do even more. Many Starling for Business customers are already using Goals to be ready for their tax bills and VAT returns by putting in a percentage of their income on a monthly basis or after each job. No more year-end meltdowns - wouldn’t that be nice?

Others are using Goals to set a budget for business supplies, events or travel costs - releasing a set amount each week, or as-and-when they need it.

There are plenty of ways to put Goals to work for your business. Feel free to create as many as you like and find what suits you.

Get started today

If you’re ready to get going with Goals, just head to “Spaces” and then “Goals” in the Starling app. We’ll take it from there.

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