In case you hadn’t heard - The Starling Podcast is back for a new season. In this second episode, podcast host and chief technology advocate Jason Maude talks to software engineers Saff Soobratty and Matthew Salt about deploying code at Starling.

One of the exciting things about producing this podcast is looking at all the changes we have made to how the bank is built and run. We have grown so fast that old ways of operating quickly become obsolete and have to be replaced.

The latest episode of the podcast is about how we deploy changes in our back-end server code. Ensuring that this deployment procedure is fast and safe is crucial in allowing Starling to continue delivering new features and making sure we remain Britain’s best bank.

At Starling, we take a very pragmatic approach to our technology; we build what is necessary and not what is unnecessary. We constantly iterate and evolve - just because something is live doesn’t mean we stop developing it. This podcast episode details another step on that journey.

Discover our latest episode, Monolithic Deployments, by searching for the Starling Podcast on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast app.

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