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Hi Jacob. What's your day job?

I am the design manager for a company called Make Shift who specialise in transforming under-used urban space to unlock opportunities for local people and independent businesses.

And tell us, what's your side hustle?

I own and co-run Pig & Rig, a catering and sound system initiative that provides a unique twist to your event: offering a wide range of catering options alongside live music, DJs and a custom-built sound system. We also hire out the sound system to venues across London, and our latest venture is hosting stages at festivals under a geodesic dome.

Photo of Pig & Rig food
Photo by Harry Winteringham

How did the idea for Pig & Rig come about?

Will and I used to work for a company called The Breakfast Club. Working predominantly on the UK festival circuit, we got a flavour of catering on the road accompanied by music. We decided that we would combine the two things that are very dear to us — a slowly roasted pig and a hand-built, bass-heavy sound system.

We started off putting on street parties under Hungerford Bridge on the Southbank with Look Mum No Hands!, and it all spiralled from there, quickly getting booked in for experiential events with brands such as Puma, and also working with local independent companies and charities such as SkatePal and Brixton Cycles.

Where did you meet the other founders?

Will and I met at high school in Norfolk, and Jess is my sister; so I suppose we’ve always known each other!

Pig & Rig soundsystem

How important is the music to the Pig & Rig experience?

The music is an essential part of the Pig & Rig experience. We believe that music brings people together, no matter their background. This, combined with great traditional food provides an experience where everyone can be happy.

We pride ourselves in our passion for collecting Jamaican vintage records along with ’70s funk, all the way up to ’90s hip hop and jungle. We also run a monthly music showcase at Pop Brixton, celebrating the diversity of Brixton and the music that goes hand in hand.

Do you have a favourite event that you've catered for?

This is a very hard question to answer; we’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing companies over the years.

We can’t fault Look Mum No Hands! who gave us our first opportunity in such an incredible location on the Thames. Catering for Mobb Deep was also a highlight, then there is KERB — Petra has given us a number of great opportunities, she is fab!

Currently, some of our favourite events are with an outfit called AndWhat? who are a community group based in South London running street parties in Brixton and events across London. They are a great platform for local artists to take the stage.

DJ at Pig & Rig

What does the future hold for Pig & Rig?

We have many projects and ideas up our sleeves. We’re looking to expand on our catering offering, and also investing our time and energy into hosting stages at festivals with our partners in crime, Suma Sound.

In the future, we look to provide a more extensive events package where we can provide anything from custom made stretch tents to luxurious banquets. A community radio station is also on the cards.

Birds-eye view of Pig & Rig event

Sounds like you're keeping busy! What are you listening to right now?

Mammal Hands – Floa (specific track: Quiet Fire)

An incredible three-piece jazz band from Norfolk onto their third album, this is a personal choice as opposed to what we pump through our sound system on a regular event. For that, check: Jah Light by Love Joys.

Thanks, Jacob!

Top image by Harry Winteringham.

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