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We’re excited to announce that Series 3 of the Starling Developer Podcast is on its way! Over our previous two series, we’ve discussed everything from APIs to company culture, security to scalability. We are so grateful to everyone who listened and left us ratings and reviews, shooting us to position 11 for series 1 and right to the top for series 2 on the technology podcast chart!

There are plenty more conversations coming up in series 3, led by Jason Maude, one of our Senior Developers. Episode one will be kicking off on Wednesday 20th June and then we’ll be releasing one episode each week.

Familiar and new Starling voices will feature including: Chief Information Officer John Mountain, General Counsel Matthew Newman, Head of Operational Risk Clare Nestor, Social Media Manager Sarah Deakin, Head of Security Testing Andrew Pannell, Senior Technical Advisor Greg Hawkins and Starling engineers Sam Everington, Josh Cooke, Nassos Antoniou, Ricardo Avalos, Teresa Ng, Lucas Johnston and Stephan Blakeslee.

We asked our Community for suggested topics and we have incorporated some of these into this series…

Episode 13 – How GDPR is protecting your data

What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and why was there such a fuss about it at the end of May? We look at what the new regulations mean for how your data is processed, why your inbox was flooded with consent emails, and how Starling handles this as a bank.

Episode 14 – Incident management

We discuss how Starling manages incidents, such as loss of app functionality caused by a bug or a fault at a third party, in order to get a quick and safe resolution. Communicating with and keeping customers informed during an incident is a key part of this. In this episode we talk through our approach.

Episode 15 – How to use the Starling API

In this episode we present a guide to using the Starling API. We explain how you can connect to the API and the tools that can help you create a great app that connects to your Starling bank account. We also give you some great examples of how the API has been used so far.

Episode 16 – Security revisited

One year after we recorded our previous podcast on security we return to this topic and reflect on what we have learned in the past year. We discuss new trends in security as well as some topics that we hadn’t previously discussed such as penetration testing and data security.

Episode 17 – How to organise engineering teams

What’s the best way to organise an engineering team? In this episode we share how we organise our engineers into teams that enable them to deliver new functionality quickly and also reliably. We’ll discuss how you balance the autonomy that allows engineers to do great work with the oversight needed as we work in a regulated industry.

Episode 18 – Your questions answered

In this episode we discuss a variety of different topics that we have received requests to talk about on the podcast including the problems with updating the Starling app to handle multiple currencies and how we build and test the UX of new features.

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