No matter your industry, when you start a business or become self-employed, there are all sorts of complicated terms and conditions to get your head around. From tax and insurance, to hiring a new team lead, there are steps to take and forms to fill. There may also be contracts to draw up. That’s where Sparqa Legal comes in. A digital lawyer that can unpick the jargon and help you to create all the contracts, policies and documents you need for your business.

Starling business customers - both sole traders and limited companies - can access legal guidance and documents by signing up to Sparqa Legal through the Starling Business Marketplace. Our Marketplace is the space in the app where customers can access third-party products and services such as online accounting software, insurance and loyalty cashback.

How do I sign up to Sparqa Legal?

To get started, head to your Starling app and find Marketplace in the menu. Sparqa Legal is our first partner in the ’Legal’ category.

With your permission, Starling will fill in details such as your name, company name and registration number. You’ll then be guided through the account set-up process with Sparqa Legal.

How can Sparqa Legal help?

Sparqa Legal offers legal guidance and documents for freelancers, contractors, one-person businesses and larger companies with employees. Templates and tips are accessed through its self-service portal.

Sparqa Legal’s mission is to give you the tools and resources to create everything you need from a legal perspective without you having to shell out hundreds of pounds. On average, businesses face eight legal issues every year. This could be creating a new employee contract or a Privacy & Cookies notice for the website.

Sparqa Legal’s LegalTech software has been created by a team of senior barristers and technology executives, working together to democratise law for small businesses.

How much does Sparqa Legal cost?

There are three types of Sparqa Legal accounts: the free plan, monthly subscription and annual subscription. If you don’t want to commit to a monthly fee, you can choose to only pay for the documents you need, which you can save and store with Sparqa Legal. You’ll also gain full unlimited access to legal guidance, blog posts and tips, all written by experienced lawyers.

For £10 per month plus VAT, up to five users can sign in and gain unlimited access to all Sparqa Legal’s guidance. There are more than 370 auto-documents and templates available to edit, save and store with your Sparqa Legal account.

The monthly subscription has a 12-month minimum term. If you prefer, you can pay for the entire year upfront for £99 plus VAT. That means you save 20% and still have all the features of a monthly subscription.

If you sign up to Sparqa Legal through the Marketplace, you’ll never pay more than going direct - it’s Starling’s promise to you that you’ll never pay more to access services via the Marketplace. We simply want you to have access to the best advice and tools for your business.

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